The Next Generation Ford Fiesta has been Revealed

The Next Generation Ford Fiesta has been Revealed

The Ford Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car of all time and will launch its next generation model during 2017. So how will Ford make the best better?

The outside of the new look Ford Fiesta is not strikingly different, at a quick glance the subtle changes may go unnoticed. The bonnet has been smoothed out, losing its bulge in the middle and there is now the option to have a panoramic roof. After listening to drivers Ford have made the windscreen wipers longer to clear 13% more of the windscreen. The Fiesta can now be ordered as a 5 door option, and those will be 5 light doors – doors will now require 20% less effort to close and have spring loaded protectors that activate when the door is open to protect the edges from damage. The Fiesta has also grown a little bit being 71 mm longer and 12 mm wider than the sixth generation, creating an extra 16mm of leg room for rear passengers.

The changes that add a pinch of excitement to the new ford fiesta all happen out of view, this supermini is crammed full of technology normally reserved for bigger and more premium models.

The new Fiesta will be equipped with 2 cameras, 3 radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors that are able to produce a 360 degree view of the vehicle and scan the road behind and ahead, giving drivers plenty of assistance aides to improve safety and take the stress out of driving.

Pre-Collision Assist will apply the brakes for you if you are in danger of colliding with an object or pedestrian. Traffic Sign Recognition will display speed limits behind the steering wheel and Auto High Beam will stop you accidently dazzling other drivers on the road. For those who are no stranger to a speeding ticket Adaptive Cruise Control is now available and might help save you from a few more points. Active Park Assist is rarely seen on smaller vehicles as they should be by their size much easier to park – but for all those who still struggle it will be available as on option on higher spec models. With most park assist systems the driver is still in full control of the speed, this will be the case with the Fiesta, but, as an additional safety feature the brakes will activate themselves if you are at risk of hitting anything while the system is running. Parking failures should be a thing of the past! Traffic Cross Alert will aide drivers of the new Fiesta in or out of a space, checking for you that the coast is clear before and during your manoeuvre. The updated Electronic Torque Vectoring Control has been given 10% more cornering grip when compared to the previous model allowing individual wheel braking to help you correct a turn if you have difted wide in a bend.

Inside a floating touchscreen is the focal point of the dashboard that will come in 3 different sizes depending on the model – 4.2”, 6.5” or the largest 8” screen. In the higher spec models the instrument cluster is upgraded to a TFT digital display for a sleek modern look. Ford SYNC 3 allows the driver to connect a smartphone and APPLINK allows the use of phone apps such as spotify. Voice command assists with the control of connected phones, navigation and will respond to statements such as “I’m hungry” by searching for and displaying a list of nearby restaurants. Bad news for all those who still have a stack of CD’s in their car – the CD will be no longer be a standard fit in the new generation Fiesta, it’s time to make sure your favourite music is safely on your mobile!

Engines will have some changes. The award winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost 3 cylinder engine will feature in 99bhp, 123 bhp or 138 bhp. Not making the cut for the new Fiesta is the existing 1.25 litre engine, in it’s place will be a new 1.1 liltre 3 cylinder in a choice of 69 bhp or 84 bhp. For those who prefer a diesel engine Ford are offering the 1.5 TDCi in 84 bhp or 118 bhp. The 118 bhp version is made a little more fuel efficient by using a system that only engages the alternator to charge the battery when the car is coasting or braking. All engines will come with stop/start technology.

If that wasn’t enough news on the new Fiesta, Ford have also revealed a few new additions to add to the already large Fiesta family. The Fiesta line up reduced in numbers after the Studio and Style models were discontinued to make way for the new Ka, creating room for some new models. The Fiesta Active adds a crossover model to the range with raised suspension, it’s own grille design and contrast painted roof and roof bars. The Fiesta Vignale is a luxury model with satin detail finishes on the grille, 18” alloy wheels and tuxedo stitched leather seats.

Prices have yet to be announced but a sensible guesstimate would put a starting price close to £14,000.

What do you think of the seventh-generation Fiesta?

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