The Updated Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe has arrived!

The Updated Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe has arrived!

Italian car maker Lamborghini has announced an update to one of its most iconic cars, the Aventador, for 2017. The Aventador first appeared in 2011 and replaced the Murciélago. Production of the first generation was originally planned to be limited to 4000, but due to popularity by the end of 2016, 5000 have been made.

The new 2017 Aventador is named the Aventador S Coupé to distinguish from its predecessor. The Aventador SV and Centenarios are now sold out, so drivers who want maximum power form their Lamborghini will be queueing up for the Aventador S, as it will become the most powerful Lamborghini to buy when released late in 2017.

aventador s front angle

The Aventador's Engine

The 6.5 litre V12 engine has been retuned to produce 730 bhp, 40 bhp more than the previous model. Top speed remains at 217 mph and the time taken to whizz from 0-62mph is just under 3 seconds at 2.9. Power does come at a price though, predictably this is not the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road! The Aventador is capable of only 16.9 mpg so regular trips to the petrol station will be needed if you are flash enough to use this as your day to day car, the environment suffers too with CO² emissions at 394 g/km.

aventador s rear angle

Exterior features of the Aventador S

From the outside, there are subtle design changes all aiming to improve aerodynamics and increase downforce. From the front an elongated carbon-fibre front splitter along with air ducts in the side of the front bumper help the Aventador slice through the air and reduce aerodynamic interference from the sizeable front tyres.

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From the rear, a new diffuser and active rear wing which extends when travelling at high speed help create up to 130% more downforce than the previous version helping it stick to the road. The chassis remains the successful rigid, yet lightweight carbon fibre monocoque combined with aluminium frames. A new exhaust system is used, seen by 3 new tailpipes at the rear, that is 20% lighter than before making the Aventador S a surprisingly light 1,575 kg.

aventador s side profile

Driving Performance

In a first for a Lamborghini production model four-wheel steering is used. For the driver, this means improved agility at low and medium speeds and at higher speeds, the ones most Aventador drivers are likely to be at, four-wheel steering will provide more stability.

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To supervise active driving systems such as dynamic steering and magneto-rheological suspension, LDVA has been added as the new brain of the Aventador. Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics uses real time information from sensors all over the vehicle to coordinate systems and guarantee optimal performance in all driving circumstances.

aventador interior controls


In another first a further driving mode has added in the Aventador S. The usual modes of STRADA, the comfort mode, SPORT, for a sporty rear wheel drive feel and CORSA for maximum track performance, are all still present. The new mode is called EGO, in this mode a driver can personalise how they would like their Aventador to drive using settings from the other 3 modes to find their preferred traction, steering and suspension levels.

Interior features of the Aventador S

The dashboard has also had a minor facelift with the traditional instrument cluster behind the steering wheel replaced with a digital screen, and of course Apple CarPlay will come as standard so no need to ever miss an opportunity to call a friend and boast from behind the wheel!

aventador s interior

Prices in the UK will start at around £270,000

What do you think of the Lamborghini S Aventador Coupe?

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