Could A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Save You Money?

Could A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Save You Money?

Tyre pressure monitoring systems have been around since 1992, but only fitted as standard on new cars from 2014. Tyre pressure affects the handling of a vehicle and fuel costs.

If your car doesn’t have one it may be worthwhile getting one fitted as a new study by Michelin has found that under inflated tyres could be costing motorists a collective £246 million! Of the 23,000 cars that were checked 37% had 1 or more tyres that were dangerously under inflated and a massive 62% had at least 1 underinflated tyre.

Why is Tyre Pressure Important?

To keep the performance of your vehicle and the safety at optimal levels it is essential that your tyres are kept at the correct pressure. The effects of under inflated tyres are:-

  • Fuel Consumption will go up. This is because an under inflated tyre has more rolling resistance so needs more power to move.
  • Steering an under inflated tyre will not hold the road as well so you will need to use less speed to tackle those corners and stay on the road!
  • Breaking distances will need to be increased if your tyres are under inflated.
  • Aquaplaning is more likely if your tyres are not at the correct pressure.

What is a tyre pressure monitoring system?

In a car fitted with a monitoring system a warning light will show on your dashboard when one or more of your tyres are significantly under inflated and causing dangerous driving conditions. There are two main types –

  • Indirect – with this system of tyre pressure monitoring the speed at which your tyres are revolving is measured using signals from the anti-lock brake system and wheel speed sensors. Using this information an on board computer can determine whether your tyre is under inflated. If the wheel is spinning faster than usual, it is likely that your tyre is under inflated so your alert will light up on your dashboard to warn you.
  • Direct – in the direct tyre pressure monitoring system there are sensor valves within each wheel to monitor pressure. Information from each sensor is sent wirelessly to an on board computer. If a tyre is sensed to be under inflated the warning light on your dashboard will light up.

The tyre pressure monitoring system provides an early warning system that could reduce your chance of an accident on the road and save you ££££££££££ in fuel!!!!!

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