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Safety Tips for our Van Leasing Customers

Safety Tips for our Van Leasing Customers

Your van is probably vital to your business, leasing is an excellent way of making your van affordable for your business and maintenance packages can help keep down unexpected costs for you.  But after you’ve found your perfect van leasing deal do you know what dangers may be awaiting you on the road?

For all our van leasing customers we’ve been taking a look at figures from a study by AXA business insurance that has highlighted times at which van drivers are more at risk on the road, so have a read and be careful out there …………

The most dangerous time for a van driver was revealed as when reversing, van drivers are a massive 142% more likely to crash; this is thought to be due to different dimensions and restricted view.  Doing a U-turn is another worrying time for with a risk of crashing 39% higher than other drivers.  Changing lanes incurs a 36% higher risk.  It pays to be careful before you start moving!

We do love our van leasing customers but it seems van drivers are more likely than most to cause crashes due to tailgating, van drivers are 47% more likely to be following another vehicle too closely ….. Van stopping distances can be double or more than that of a car so stay back!  Another area van drivers are guilty of causing more crashes is tiredness – 23% more likely to cause a crash due to tiredness than another driver…….we know you’re busy but make sure you take a break.

It’s not all bad news, there are situations van drivers handle better than an average driver, van drivers are 20% less likely to crash in a traffic jam, 17% less likely to crash on a roundabout and are 74% less likely to cause a crash due to nervousness.

This study has even revealed where van drivers are most at risk – watch out if you are in London as you will be 22% more likely to crash than other motorists.  Where are you safest?  In Wales van drivers are 19% less likely to crash than other motorists.

If safety is your top priority then you might want to consider the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as your next van to lease as it was awarded the What Van? Safety award 2014.  This was due to a host of safety features such as crosswind assist, blind spot assist and collision prevention assist – all great technology to keep you safe and your business going!

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3 July 2014
Written by Rivervale
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