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Van security tips !

Van security tips !

For businesses that rely on vans the thought of theft is terrifying, not only would you have to replace the van you may also lose all the van contents, add into this the amount of time you may be unable to trade and it really is a scary thought.

On average there are 2170 insurance claims on commercial vehicles every day and around 210,000 times a year thieves target vans and their contents.  The figures are frightening, as many as 47,181 vans are stolen in a year, with the average value of items stolen from vans being £1,752 and businesses are estimated to lose £152 million a year due to van theft.

Thatcham was set up in 1992 in response to an explosion in vehicle crime, continuing to test security devices and research the latest car theft methods to stay a step ahead of the criminals.   You can check all vans and cars safety ratings on Thatchams website here.

If you are lucky enough to be driving a new van you are likely to have a host of security features already fitted such as an immobiliser, alarm and remote locking with deadlocks.  But for those with an older van or to maximise security there are many products on the market.  Some are expensive but surely cheaper than the price of replacing a stolen tools or a stolen van and also, the more secure your van the more likely you are to get a reduction in your van insurance.

If your van doesn’t already have an alarm make sure you get one – any alarm labelled Thatcham category 1 would be a good investment.  Alarms can monitor both the cab and the cargo hold and many can offer tow away protection.

With all those valuable tools on board it is a wise idea to invest in steel van tool stores, most will have built in locks and can be bolted to the floor of your van

Cover up any rear windows with steel window grills, they act as a visual deterrent and with provide a physical barrier to entry through the rear windows.

Metal van bulkhead’s are a good idea not only will it make it virtually impossible to get into the cargo area from the cab it will also improve safety as no equipment will be able to travel into the cab in the event of an accident.

The area around the locks are often seen as a vulnerable area so it’s a good idea to invest in some van lock protection plates to strengthen this weak spot and act as a visual deterrent.

To protect your precious cargo you should invest in a van deadlock, a bolt mechanism operated by a key will mean only those with superhuman strength will be able to force the doors open.

Slamlocks are an excellent idea especially for those making deliveries.  The van door will automatically lock as soon as it is shut, so if your hands are full there’s no need to worry your van will lock itself.

There has been a growing trend in theft of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters as they contain precious metals that are very attractive to thieves.  It’s a good idea to protect yours and there are plenty of gadgets on the market to help you do this.

Simple but effective a ClutchClaw prevented a professional car thief for just over 30 minutes.  The ClutchClaw locks the clutch and brake together and may just be enough to put a thief off your van.

Always remember to make sure your van really is locked as thieves not have key fob jammers designed to interfered with the signal from your key fob, you may think its locked but is it really ?

…………..And finally, the best protection for any vehicle, in my opinion is the trunk monkey ……take a look at him in action !

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23 May 2014
Written by Rivervale
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