Van Variety - The Options You Can Choose From

Van Variety - The Options You Can Choose From

There are a variety of van makes and models available, however choosing the right one for you can be difficult. With so much choice, how can you possibly decide what van to get? Understanding the purpose of your vehicle and how it will assist with your business or personal requirements will make the process of choosing easier.

Not only can you consider different models and manufacturers, but also the type of van. With a wide variety of options that cover a multitude of uses, there is sure to be one or more suitable vans to keep your business moving.

How do I choose a van?

Let’s take a look at what options are on the road and which are the best vans and most reliable vans for different purposes.

Panel van

Panels vans are the kind you see most commonly on the roads. The workhorse of tradespeople across the nation, panel vans offer the most variety within their type. In a range of small, medium and large sizes, to varying heights and wheelbases, it’s unsurprising they fit the requirements of most businesses. Featuring solid metal sides with doors on the side and rear, they have also been used for van conversions to transform into campers. The most popular models of panel vans are the Ford Transit and Volkswagen Transporter.

Ford Transit

Crew van

Ideal for those who need room for a few extra passengers, crew vans often come in similar shapes and sizes as panel vans. Most models offer two rows of seating, allowing for three in the front and three or four in the rear. With a bulkhead included and the additional row of seats, you do lose load space however you’ve gained the benefit of transporting extra people. Crew vans still offer an abundance of space and include side windows to accompany the second row of seats. The most popular crew vans on the market include the Ford Transit and Renault Trafic.

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Chassis van

Chassis vans are the basic, run of the mill vans without any frills. They are just a ladder with a cab which gives owners the ability to convert them to make them fit for their own purposes. Conversions usually tend toward dropside and tipper van options. Chassis vans are a great way to start with a blank canvas and build the van you need for your specific requirements.

Dropside van

Dropside vans are one of the extension options available from a chassis van. As the name suggests, the sides on the flatbed of these vans dropdown making them extremely popular with tradespeople. The hinged side panels make loading and unloading cargo far more manageable, especially when machinery is used, such as the case with gardeners.


Tipper vans are another common extension of the chassis van. Similar to the dropside van, it has a flatbed with drop-down features; however, in the case of a tipper, it also has a hydraulic ram under the load bed at the front. This allows users to eject materials and cargo via a hinged door at the rear of the bed. Commonly used by tradespeople and gardeners, it is useful when using materials such as soil, gravel and sand.

Box van

Box vans draw their name from the shape of their load area. With a cube-like load space that separates from the cab, box vans are great for carrying bulky items. Removalists and couriers frequently use these van models due to the increased height of the load area. Unlike panel and crew vans, box vans appear to be higher off the road. This is because the load space is sat atop the chassis. The most popular models of box vans are the Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter.

Mercedes Sprinter

Luton van

Luton vans are another standard model used by removalists. Building on the box van model, Luton vans extend to include a usable storage area that extends above the cab to provide additional space. These vans are favoured for their vast load capacity, and the most popular models include the Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano.

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4x4 van

Less popular but still an incredibly versatile vehicle, 4x4 vans are perfect for those who need something that can handle heading off-road. Ideal for venturing into forested areas or tackling icy and snowy conditions, 4x4 vans offer users more load space than a regular pick up too. While there are fewer options available for 4x4 vans, the Mercedes Sprinter is a standout.

Pick up

Popular for use on building sites and in the countryside, pickups aren’t technically a van but offer a lot of commercial value for business use. Available in both single and double cab models, there are also options such as hard tops to protect loads from water and keep the loadspace secure. Popular pickup models include the Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok.

Volkswagen Amarok

Whatever make and model of van you need, Rivervale has a vast selection of commercial vans and vehicles. Explore our full range of van leasing options today.

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