Rivervale Reviews the Volkswagen ID.4 Fully-Electric SUV

Rivervale Reviews the Volkswagen ID.4 Fully-Electric SUV

Following the release of the Volkswagen ID.3 back in 2020 comes the long-anticipated release of the Volkswagen ID.4 - a sleek, electric SUV.

Volkswagen are still fairly new to the world of fully electric vehicles, but they’re certainly making up for lost time. The ID.4 offers the versatility, spaciousness and style of an SUV while still remaining a more sustainable choice to the thousands of drivers looking to become more environmentally conscious with the cars that they’re driving.

Having recently added two new variants, City and Style, to the ID.4 range, potential customers are certainly not lacking in choice. Altogether, ID.4 offers six different trim levels, so there really is something for everyone, and excitingly, the ID.4 City is the first model eligible for the OZEV government grant, a major incentive in the growing popularity of EVs.

While these types of vehicles become more popular with manufacturers and consumers alike, what makes the Volkswagen ID.4 stand out from the rest of the competition?

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SUVs are famously spacious and comfortable, and this is certainly achieved by the ID.4. Offering plenty of room for drivers and passengers alike, the interior is similarly sleek and stylish, with clean, minimalist aesthetics.

Volkswagen ID.4 Interior

This is true for all variants of the ID.4, though the levels of interior tech features do vary slightly. That said, none of them are exactly lacking: the aforementioned City model is the cheapest of the lot and still retains a high-class level of standard tech and driver assistance features like lane assist and adaptive cruise control. Style, meanwhile, has tinted windows, climate control and a rear-view camera. The existing, pricier models - Max, Family, Life and 1st Edition - are kitted out with even more options, like wireless phone chargers, heated seats, and adjustable sports seats.

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All models come with a 10-inch touch screen, with a good amount of sensitivity and excellent graphics, which is far improved from the similar feature in the ID.3.


It might be high-tech and nice to look at, but what about performance? The ID.4 markets itself as a powerful vehicle with a powerful battery. Which is true enough. Again, this depends on the exact trim, and again, the pricier of those will offer the higher power Pro Performance batteries, which promise more power and more range. That seems fair enough, and offers versatility for those who require further distance and more power capability and those who would prefer a car that is still respectful enough in those categories but at a slightly less eye-watering price range. Ultimately, the level of variety offered by the ID.4 allows configuration based on your own lifestyle. Max range seems to be 318 miles on the Family trim, while it’s 213 or 211 for City and Style, respectively.


SUVs are rarely known to be particularly lightweight and speedy. For what it is, the ID.4 is more than capable. It’s no sports car, but it was never intended to be and reaches 60mph in a very reasonable 8.5 seconds. While acceleration isn’t as quick as other competing EVs, the car is quick enough once its speed picks up.

Driving the ID.4 isn’t necessarily an exciting, show-stopping experience, but the car is very manageable and an ideal vehicle for everyday life, and especially so for families. Drive, acceleration and braking are all steady.

Green Factor

SUVs have always been a hugely popular type of car, but in terms of emissions, they’re one of the worst offenders. The prospect of electric SUVs - emission-free by default - is no doubt exciting for the environmentally aware driver, and it’s great to see Volkswagen getting involved, especially with a vehicle that offers so much choice in terms of its trims.

Volkswagen ID.4 Wheel

In terms of sustainability, the ID.4 does stand out with claims of a carbon-neutral development and, of course, a zero-emissions drive. Incentives for EVs are without a doubt going to continue to grow in terms of tax, grants (which the ID.4 City qualifies for), and the increasing number of Clean Air Zones in cities. With a higher level of general eco-consciousness now residing in the wider population, the ID.4 will serve as a popular and preferable choice.

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Overall, the ID.4 is an impressive take on the electric SUV, complete with a satisfactory amount of choice and configuration to appeal to a wide variety of different drivers. Sleek and modern with an appropriate level of in-car technology and an easy, manageable drive, the eye remains on Volkswagen and what the future might hold for their ID range.

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