Concept Recharge: Volvo's Manifesto For An All-Electric Vehicle Future

Concept Recharge: Volvo's Manifesto For An All-Electric Vehicle Future

Volvo are previewing their latest addition to the EV range: a car showcasing the aesthetic cues the Swedish firm are set to follow in the future, both on the exterior and interior.

Where the brand has previously relied on the ICE (internal combustion engine) models, such as the XC40 and XC40 Recharge, but replaced the engine with EV technology, this new “Manifesto” for their EV range suggests EVs will not be led by ICE model design in the future, but come with their own, more EV-friendly designs and proportions.

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“It displays new and modern proportions that go hand in hand with increased versatility and shows what technology can enable in terms of design.”

Robin Page, Head of Design at Volvo

Volvo Concept Recharge Doors

The Volvo Concept Recharge look

Previews suggest that the Concept Recharge, Volvo’s flagship EV SUV, will be tall, much like the Volvo family of XC SUVs, but with the length of an estate car. It looks to have a tall beltline and a very slim daylight opening.

At the rear? The vertically integrated taillights, a nod to Volvo’s history - but alongside them some newly integrated, aerodynamic wings - these extend speed, for greater efficiency. At the front, they’ve lost the iconic Volvo grille and in its place is a new, shield-like structure. The long wheelbase and short bonnet are design choices we’ve seen in other new EV launches, making the most of the flat-floor capabilities electric provides and minimising that engine space upfront.

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On the interior, the concept of the design is a Scandinavian living room. The completely flat floor is complemented by the use of natural, sustainable materials and minimal, calm design cues.

In terms of safety updates, the Concept Recharge has LiDAR sensors built-in - laser-based technology which Volvo states will be foundational to autonomous driving capabilities in the future, showcased in the Volvo 360c concept car. It also has a high-capacity data connection to Volvo HQ for IT, similar to how Tesla has rigged its models. That means that the many onboard sensors the car contains collectively gather and transmit their information in a high-definition picture of both the traffic and the roads the car is experiencing back to HQ, so that the firm can continue to learn.

Volvo Concept Recharge Interior

Volvo’s EV future

The brand is going to be electric-only by 2030, so the EV offering must be strong. They are investing heavily in it, looking to become market leaders.

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Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson has noted that the Concept Recharge will be closely related to the Polestar 3, the new EV SUV from Polestar, for whom Volvo are the parent company. The Concept will not carry the XC90 title - because this is a change for Volvo; not only an EV but an EV designed specifically to fit EV drivers’ needs, not a compromised version of an ICE model. Its nameplate hopes to signify how important the Concept Recharge is set up to be in terms of leading the next generation of Volvo models - the EV-only.

Volvo is dedicated to the electric transition. If you’re ready to learn more about electric vehicles, get in touch with Rivervale today on 01273 433480 or request a callback.

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