What is WLTP and How Will it Affect Me?

What is WLTP and How Will it Affect Me?

What is WLTP?

WLTP, the new Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) is an emissions test developed to ensure all vehicles within the European Union undergo a fair and real life test that includes real driving data to better represent everyday driving profiles.

Remember that thing called 'diesel gate'?

Re-wind the clock to the headlines of the ‘diesel-gate’ era and you will be well aware that the previous emissions test, the New European Driving Cycle was made of laboratory based testing where conditions could be manipulated and favoured towards the manufacturers, in short the same test could not be replicated on the roads.

The WLTP will also come in to play with the Road Driving Emissions Test which is a test to make sure that anything measured through laboratory conditions can be replicated on the road. Some manufacturers are ahead of schedule and are already putting their vehicles through these tests however the legislation for RDE does not come in to play until January 2019.

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What does WLTP mean for me?

From September 2018 WLTP will apply to all new vehicle registrations, however any vehicles registered prior to 1st September under the NEDC test will still be acceptable. From January 2019 all vehicles will be displaying WLTP Co2 values. Although there is little evidence to suggest the production will be affected we are advising our customers to think about renewals and delivery times a little earlier to be safe.

The good news is the long term consequences for our environment, however the initial more obvious results will be found in the levels of cleanliness from vehicles. Another benefit is that these tests will encourage and quite possibly force the hand for new technology and performance of existing hybrid and electric vehicles, so it quite likely that we will start to see growth in the alternative energy vehicle market.

If you are a company car driver there will be a 1% diesel surcharge increase applied to vehicles which do not have a Road Driving Emissions 2 pass certificate. We may see less choice available as manufacturers respond to the changes, the return on investment on building certain models will simply not add up, meaning fewer versions of base models.

For those of you responsible for fleets the information available to efficiently compare vehicles emissions and Co2 values will give you all the confidence you need to make sure you are selecting the right options. The cost implications such as the calculated fuel costs may increase but the important thing to remember is that will be more accurate. It will be worth checking to see which of your current vehicles may be affected by these changes as the possibility of some falling outside of the parameters due to CO2 emissions could impact employees through benefit in kind costs.

How can Rivervale help?

Here at Rivervale our team of expert Account Managers are all equipped to consult and advise on the best options for you, your company car or fleet.

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Have you been affected by WLTP? What re your concerns?

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