Terms and Conditions

Short Term Car Leasing Terms and Conditions

Use of the Rivervale Website

  1. This website is owned and managed by Rivervale Cars Ltd, whose primary place of business is Rivervale House, 50 Victoria Road, Portslade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN41 1XB. Our website is subject to these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Please read our Terms & Conditions thoroughly. If you use our website you are deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions as acceptable and have entered into a legally binding contract. If you order a vehicle from us you will have to accept our Terms & Conditions. If you do not wish to accept our Terms & Conditions please terminate use of our website.
  3. We reserve the right, at any time to change our Terms & Conditions which will become effective immediately upon posting to the website. Any use of ‘us’ ‘our’ and ‘we’ means Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing. Any use of ‘you’ means the user of the website.

Information on Our Website

  1. All IP (Intellectual Property) rights relating to any website text or information, any design within the website, source code, software and all other material relating to our website are owned by Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing unless acknowledged by us.
  2. You are not permitted to alter, reproduce or copy any of the content of our website without explicit prior consent from us.
  3. At no point does any information found in our Terms & Conditions constitute an agreement to copy of use any of the information found on our website.

Vehicle Specification and Information

  1. All vehicle specification and information shown on our website is supplied by the vehicle manufacturers to CAP and is manipulated by us for our website use. Although we make every effort to make sure that all data is correct, the information should be used as a guide only and you should not base your decision to hire, lease or purchase a vehicle without checking the data and information with a manufacturer or franchised dealership. Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing will not be liable for any inaccuracies in any information contained on the website and are therefore not liable for any loss or damage arising from such information contained on our website.
  2. Any images shown or used on our website are for illustration purposes only.
  3. Any website is vulnerable to vandalism and us such we do not accept any responsibility for any information shown as a result of this sort of action.
  4. Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing reserve the right to change any information shown on the website without prior notice.
  5. Some diesel cars will be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter, please click here to view further information to ensure that a vehicle fitted with a DPF meets your requirements.

Prices Shown

  1. Business leasing prices shown exclude VAT.
  2. Personal leasing prices shown include VAT.
  3. Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing reserve the right to change the price of any vehicle at any point, before or after an order has been subjected. We will always notify you of any change and give you the right to withdraw your order in such situation.
  4. All prices shown on the website are for illustration purposes only and are not an offer to you. We will supply you with a correct quotation at time of ordering for acceptance by you.
  5. A deposit may be required by you prior to acceptance of your order. Cancellation may result in charges incurred by Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing and may result in loss of your deposit.
  6. Should the rate of VAT change between the acceptance of an order by Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing and the delivery of such ordered vehicle, payments will be adjusted accordingly. If the VAT rate changes mid contract, then the monthly rentals quoted will be adjusted (either up or down) to reflect the new rate.
  7. We reserve the right to alter rentals in line with money costs, manufacturer's price changes and any residual value and maintenance reviews which take place from time to time.
  8. Acceptance is subject to final credit approval which will be at our sole discretion and to you completing all documents required in connection with this transaction.

Unless otherwise stated, all advertised prices include;

Vehicle Orders

  1. An order subjected by you to us is an acceptance for us to obtain the ordered vehicle at the price initially quoted, similar to that of the advertised price.
  2. Following an initial application, you will give us permission to carry out a credit check on you or your company. If you have applied on behalf of a company, you will be agreeing that you have permission to grant us authority to credit search the company. Once an application has been approved an order will be created for you to view and accept.
  3. An order does not create a contract between Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing and you. Your order gives us permission to search for and acquire the requested vehicle in the correct specification, colour and price agreed. You must enter into a financial agreement with the relevant leasing / finance company. You are not committed to any such lease until the leasing/finance agreement has been signed by you and executed by the leasing / finance company.
  4. We have the right to cancel any such order should the required vehicle not be obtainable.

Cancellation Charges (only applicable to PLC and Limited Companies)

Should you cancel your order, Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £500 plus VAT (only applicable to PLC and Limited Companies).

Customer Order Price Protection (COPP)

Once a vehicle order is placed and contracted in the customer’s name with the respective manufacturer, most manufacturers will offer COPP. This will ensure that based on extended delivery timescales, the order will not be subject to any further price increases or rental changes once contracts have been completed.

However, there are certain manufacturers who do NOT offer COPP, and therefore should the vehicle be subject to a price increase whilst awaiting the vehicle to be built (or in some cases be built as a revised model year specification), this cost will be passed on to the customer and the lease rental requoted. Alternatively, you will be able to cancel the vehicle order without cost in these instances.

Manufacturers who offer COPP can change on a regular basis, so please speak to your account manager for any further clarification required.

Contractual obligations:

1.Before the delivery of the vehicle, we require a clear copy of the driver of the vehicle’s driving licence and proof of address for the business or hirer in the form of utility bill dated within the last 90 days.

2.Payment terms: the initial rental and damage deposit will be collected prior to delivery. Regular payments will be taken by direct debit.

3.If payment is not made by the due date, Rivervale Cars Ltd reserve the right to repossess the vehicle immediately and any associated charges and outstanding payments will be charged to the hirer of the vehicle.

4.The vehicle must be covered on the hirer’s fully comprehensive insurance policy. Rivervale Cars Ltd requires a copy of the insurancecertificate prior to delivery of the vehicle.

5.Customers are responsible for any parking and motoring offences. These will incur a £25.00 + VAT Administration Fee per fine.

6.The hirer is responsible for any London Congestion charges, Low Emission Zone charges, and Dart Tunnel charges.

7.The vehicle is to be maintained by the hirer and the rental covers fair wear only. Hirers of the vehicle are responsible for tyre damage, puncture and blowout. Windscreen replacement or repairs are the hirer’s responsibility.

8.The driver should make routine inspections of the vehicle to ensure it is kept in good working order: for example, oil and water and coolant levels, front and rear windscreen washer fluid and tyre pressures.

9.The vehicle should be treated with due care and respect and the driver should ensure that it is always locked and protected by its anti-theft devices when it is parked or left unattended.

10.Abortive delivery & collection will be invoiced at £35.00 + VAT per incident

11.On delivery of the vehicle, the Hirer/Driver should check the vehicle carefully for damage such as scratches in the bodywork. Make a note on the paperwork to avoid any charges at the end of the hire.

12.Vehicles must be returned with the required amount of fuel – i.e. full or not with the warning light on (as delivered to the customer) unleaded petrol & diesel are charged at £0.40 + VAT on top of the pump price for any top up required.

13.It is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone while driving any vehicle.

14.No smoking is allowed in the vehicle. If we reasonably think that smoking has happened in the vehicle there may be a cleaning fee to pay up to £85+VAT.

15.Rivervale Cars Ltd does not accept any liability for personal belongings in the vehicle. The Hirer should also ensure that all personal belongings are removed prior to collection of the vehicle. We accept no liability for belongings which are left in the vehicle after collection.

16.The Hirer/Driver agrees not to take the vehicle out of the UK without our express written permission. If permission is granted you will be issued with a Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103B). The driver is responsible for being aware of and complying with the driving laws and regulations of other countries.

17.No alterations can be made to the vehicle (e.g. do not fit roof or bike racks, tow bars, winter tyres).

18.The vehicle must be driven in accordance with all applicable road traffic laws and regulations and any relevant local laws and driving regulations.

19.The vehicle should never be driven under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, other illegal drugs or any other substance (whether legal or illegal) that is liable to impair driving ability.

Registration and Delivery

  1. Upon receipt of any correctly completed financial documents, proofs and any applicable payments, Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing will arrange free of charge delivery (driven) of your chosen vehicle to your chosen UK Mainland delivery address.
  2. If your delivery address incurs any additional delivery costs (for example Northern Ireland), Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing reserve the right to charge these on to you. We will inform you of any such charges prior to delivery.
  3. All vehicles are driven to your chosen delivery address. Should you require the vehicle to be transported (on a trailer / transporter) you will need to request this. An additional charge will be incurred from this which will be charged onto you once agreed by you.
  4. Initial delivery dates and lead times are estimates only and we are not bound by any date quoted. Any delivery date can be subject to change by the relevant manufacturer and Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing has no influence over such dates. We will not accept any losses or damages incurred by any such delay caused by a manufacturer.
  5. Please be aware that any compulsory ‘cooling off’ periods are enforced by the leasing / finance companies and Rivervale Contract Hire and Leasing will not delivery a vehicle until such ‘cooling off’ period has expired. We will inform you of this date prior to booking a delivery date.
  6. Any vehicle subject to a lease or financial agreement will require proof of insurance before a delivery can take place. Please be aware that the insurance certificate must show the hirer/purchaser as the main policy holder or a named driver on the insurance policy.
  7. Due to the nature of the industry some of our special offers may be based on PRE-REGISTERED vehicles. Where a vehicle is pre-registered it is offered with the balance of manufacturer’s warranty from the actual date the vehicle was registered. In some instances this may be shorter than the length of your chosen lease contract.

Excess Mileage Charges

Excess mileage charges can vary from each vehicle. Any charges relating to excess mileage on your requested contract will be provided in advance for you to accept.

Early Termination

  1. In the event of an early termination of an agreement, there are likely to be early termination charges payable. This will be a figure charged by the respective leasing company in relation to terminating the contract mid-term and collecting the respective vehicle. In this event you can request this figure in writing. The early termination figure will not necessarily negate any pro-rata excess mileage charges or damage rectification costs.

Damage Recharge Costs

  1. When a vehicle has been on lease and is handed back, damage re-charge costs can be incurred.
  2. The damage deposit will be refunded once the vehicle has been collected and inspected, subject to no damage being confirmed. Rivervale Cars Ltd will look to recover any damage and repair costs from the Hirer which fall above the initial deposit amount
  3. The Hirer is responsible for the condition of the vehicle and it should be returned in the same condition as it was delivered at the start of the hire period. The vehicle must be returned clean both inside and out. The vehicle will be inspected on collection, and you may be charged for any damage not noted when the vehicle was delivered which is outside of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) Fair Wear and Tear Guide. The Hirer is responsible for any costs associated with the vehicle being damaged or stolen. There will also be a Damage Administration Fee of £40 + VAT in addition to the cost of the damage.
  4. The cost to replace lost or damaged keys can be up to £500 depending on the make and model of the vehicle. An Administration Fee of £40 + VAT will be added to the cost of the replacement key.

In Car Connected Services

  1. Many leasing companies have taken the decision to OPT OUT of manufacturers “In Car Connected Services”, and subsequently do not allow connected services to be activated in their vehicles. These services can conflict with their own offerings surrounding Breakdown / Roadside Assistance, Maintenance / Servicing and Tyre replacement. All of their pricing is based on the fact that the connected services WILL NOT be activated, whether or not these services are a standard feature of the vehicle concerned. No rental reduction or refund will be payable for the non-activation of these services.

Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP)

Orders with Rivervale are subject to amendments and specification adjustments following the implementation of the new WLTP guidelines. These may affect both recorded fuel consumption guideline figures, CO2 emissions and taxation class. The changes may also impact on costs to annual Road Fund Licences, Benefit in Kind and subsequent monthly rentals quoted.


In the event that the UK government agrees a "No Deal Brexit" on 31st December 2020, it is very likely World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms will immediately apply on goods imported into the UK, or at least until a trade agreement is agreed with the specific country in question.

The WTO tariff on new cars coming into the Country is 10%. Some vehicle manufacturers are planning to honour the cost of this tariff should it be applied, however, many are confirming that the price of their vehicles will rise on the basis it is a tax, and therefore outside of their control.

Therefore please note the following : -
FOR ALL NEW VEHICLE ORDERS WITH A FORECAST DELIVERY DATE AFTER 31st December 2020 - If the manufacturer’s recommended price for the vehicle in question is increased due to additional import tariffs resulting from 'No Brexit', the amount of the increase shall be notified to the Customer. The Customer shall have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days or accept the revised price.

Complaints Procedure

  1. It is our aim to provide and extremely high standard of service to every client that we have. It is very important that any complaint you may have is directly back to us as soon as possible so that we can work to resolve the problem in an agreeable fashion.
  2. If you have any kind of complaint please either contact us by telephone or in writing with the following information;

Please contact us with your complaint on 01273 433480 or by email info@rivervaleleasing.co.uk

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