Celebrating Pride and Building an Inclusive Rivervale

Celebrating Pride and Building an Inclusive Rivervale

Here at Rivervale, we're proud to celebrate the rich tapestry of identities that make up our team, reflecting the vibrant diversity of Brighton and Hove where our main offices are located, and Bicester, the home of our Minibus division!

This Pride Month, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. Our recent Diversity and Inclusion Audit highlighted some positive steps we've taken, like achieving near-equal gender balance, offering accessible facilities, and providing flexible working options.

But that's just the beginning! We're constantly striving to build a more inclusive workplace. We're actively working on initiatives like standardised recruitment practices that avoid bias, outreach programs to connect with diverse communities, and inclusive company events that celebrate everyone. We strongly believe that a strong team thrives on a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Join us in fostering a culture of respect, fairness, and equality – for our employees, customers, and visitors alike.

Let's celebrate Pride Month, and keep working towards a future where everyone feels valued at Rivervale.

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