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The entire range of brand new, low and zero emission cars. Cheaper to tax, run and maintain. Better for our planet.

Lease your dream Electric Car...

More and more customers are choosing to lease a brand new, electric car. Tax incentives, grants and lower running costs are all helping to make electric motoring as cost effective as the traditional petrol and diesel alternatives.

Our EV experts are on hand to answers to any of your questions - from technical, vehicle related queries through to detailed cost comparisons and specific salary sacrifice options. If you have a question please get in touch.

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    Our best value leasing deal for the  RANGE ROVER EVOQUE 1.5 P300e Autobiography 5dr Auto

    4 Cars 2 Specials

    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    SUV / Crossover 5 Door 5 Seat From £427.94pm inc. VAT

    The Evoque is carefully designed to maximise the space to be functional and stylish. Both the petrol and diesel engines offer high performance and efficient drives.

    Our best value leasing deal for the  KUGA 2.5 PHEV Vignale 5dr CVT

    7 Cars 2 Specials 1 In Stock

    Ford KUGA

    SUV / Crossover 5 Door 5 Seat From £284.11pm inc. VAT 6000 Miles PA NOTE: The filter is set to 5000 miles per annum however this model is currently cheaper on 6000 miles per annum.

    This SUV balances safety with comfort and stylishness with practicality, boasting many features to provide utmost enjoyment whilst being a smooth and efficient drive.

    Our best value leasing deal for the  C-HR 2.0 Hybrid GR Sport 5dr CVT [Leather/JBL]

    22 Cars 9 Specials 3 In Stock

    Toyota C-HR

    SUV / Crossover 5 Door 5 Seat From £225.95pm inc. VAT 8000 Miles PA NOTE: The filter is set to 5000 miles per annum however this model is currently cheaper on 8000 miles per annum.

    The C-HR boasts comfort during long drives with practicality around cities. This hybrid is allows a luxurious SUV drive that accommodates the whole family or 5 adults.


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    Benefits of Electric Leasing

    Advantages for the driver and the environment...

    Cheaper to run

    Electricity is far cheaper than petrol/diesel, so you'll benefit from significant fuel cost savings with a new electric or hybrid car.

    Cheaper to maintain

    With less moving parts and simplified drivetrains, electric cars have far less to go wrong and therefore less to maintain.

    Better for the environment

    Reduced / zero emissions ensure that electric and hybrid cars get you from A to B with far less pollution.

    Improved driving experience

    The latest tech combined with a quieter drive train ensures the perfect driving experience.

    Multiple tax benefits & incentives

    Benefit from a range of government schemes including grants, reduced BIK and salary sacrifice.

    Home charger included

    High speed home car chargers built into your monthly rentals and spread over the term of the contract.

    High Speed Home Chargers from only £12.50 per month*

    Rivervale have teamed up with Virtus Energy to provide our leasing customers with a seamless process to obtain the latest high speed electric car chargers. We are able to add the cost of the provision and installation to your monthly lease rental cost.

    Choose your qualifying vehicle

    Choose from our range of qualifying electric / hybrid vehicles. Brand new and delivered free of charge across the UK.

    OZEV Grant

    Eligible customers* will be assisted through the OZEV grant application. It’s generally straight forward and quick process.

    Charger placement

    Virtus energy will assist your to choose the best placement for your charger and start the planning process for installation.

    Installation and vehicle delivery

    Your home charger will be set up – ready and waiting for the delivery of your brand new lease vehicle.

    Tree planting

    We work in partnership with eforests and will plant a tree for every installation
    • Your home must have off road parking
    • You haven't had the grant before
    • You are the property owner / have landlord permission
    • You property has a consumer unit / consumer board
    Got a question?

    Call one of our Account Managers on
    01273 433480

    Or request a callback

    * Prices start from just £12.50 plus VAT per month based on a 9+47 contract payment profile. Prices may vary dependant on the charger you choose, the specific leasing company and the payment profile of your chosen lease contract. Price includes £350 OZEV grant.

    Your guide to Electric Car Leasing

    Save money with electric car grants

    Take advantage of government grants when making the switch to electric and hybrid cars. The governments net zero ambitions mean that now is a great time to transition to electric, since the pot of funding won’t last forever!

    The plug-in grant provides up to £3,000 towards the cost of your new electric vehicle. Plus, you can get a further £350 towards the cost of your charge point and installation.


    Charging your electric car

    Electric car charging is cheaper, quicker and easier than you might think. The cost of charging an electric car is cheaper than fuelling a petrol or diesel vehicle. Plus with more than 37,000 charge points across the UK, you can charge your electric car almost anywhere.

    You can also include the cost of your home charge point and installation in your monthly electric lease deal payments with our Virtus Energy partnership, something other car leasing companies do not offer. Learn about how easy it is to charge your vehicle and more with our electric car leasing guides.

    Our Top 12 Popular Electric Car Brands

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    Electric & Hybrid Car Leasing FAQ's

    Your questions answered

    What is electric car leasing?

    With leasing you cover the cost of the vehicle usage rather than the purchase price which means that your money goes further.

    The benefits of leasing really lend themselves to electric cars which currently tend to have higher initial purchase prices as the vehicle technology continues to evolve. Many electric car owners rent their car batteries anyway so for many people leasing the entire vehicle may be a smarter course of action.

    In summary, leasing provides motorist with an opportunity to drive a state-of-the-art, electric car for an affordable monthly price.

    Is electric car leasing worth it?

    Electric vehicles are on the cutting edge of automotive technology and are progressing quickly with new and improved models being released all the time. Purchasing an electric vehicle at this stage could mean committing money to a branch of technology that could become outdated relatively quickly.

    With electric car leasing you are only locked in for the duration of the contract, so can rest assured that you’ll always be able to drive the latest and best electric technology available.

    For many people, the most important reason to drive electric is to reduce their impact on the planet. With zero exhaust emissions electric cars are far less polluting than petrol or diesel vehicles.

    Another major advantage is the low running costs associated with electric vehicles as the cost of electricity per mile is a fraction of the cost of petrol or diesel. And there are also several tax benefits and incentives available to electric car users which can make a big difference to leasing affordability.

    Do I need to install an electric charging point at home?

    Whilst the electric charger network is growing rapidly across the UK, you may also want to consider installing a home charger for maximum convenience.

    To install a home charger you’ll need the following:

    • Off road parking
    • Property ownership or landlord permission
    • An electrical consumer unit

    Rivervale leasing provide a unique service where the cost of home charger installation can be added to the monthly leasing rental. This helps to spread the cost over the duration of the contract and ensures peace of mind.

    Do electric cars need an MOT and servicing?

    Electric cars do need servicing at the same intervals as any petrol or diesel car but a major strength of electric is ease of maintenance. Electric drive trains have far fewer moving parts than conventional engines (less things to go wrong). And consumables such as brake pads last a lot longer on electric cars which incorporate regenerative braking systems.

    Electric cars are subject to an MOT after three years (same as any car) but with no emissions test required and with fewer parts to check, you’d expect far less issues than a petrol or diesel car.

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