Do electric cars need an MOT?

Do Electric Cars Need an MOT?

Yes - your electric vehicle needs an MOT when more than three years old. The only EVs exempt are electric goods vehicles (like tractors and milk floats) or those more than 40 years old - the same as petrol and diesel vehicles.

What’s the cost of an electric car MOT?

EV MOTs cost the same as MOTs for petrol or diesel vehicles (despite there being fewer checks to make). The maximum charge for an MOT (excluding any work or parts your model might need) is £54.85 (though many outlets offer cheaper MOT deals). It’s just one of the costs of maintaining EVs. Don’t forget the incentives to drive EVs, such as the UK government electric car grant.

What happens during an electric car MOT?

  • Fully functioning lights.

  • Clean, legal, visible number plates.

  • Windscreen free from chips and cracks.

  • Suitably functioning wipers.

  • Suitably functioning seatbelts.

  • Steering in suitable working condition.

  • Tyres legal, each wheel spins freely.

  • Suspension adequate.

  • Rust checks on brackets and vital mounting points. (Testers cannot remove car parts to rust check, so the aerodynamic panel under most EVs will stay put).

  • Brake pads and discs in good condition.

To pass the MOT EVs have to satisfy similar criteria to diesel and petrol vehicles. The only difference for an EV MOT is the removal of the emissions test.

Are any electric cars exempt from an MOT?

The only vehicles exempt from MOTs are electric goods vehicles like milk floats, vehicles and motorbikes made before 1960 (petrol and diesel cars too), or tractors.

Does my electric lease car need an MOT?

Your lease car needs an MOT every three years like any other vehicle. Be sure to check with your lease company whether they require you to take an MOT at a certain test centre (they may not recognise your MOT if it’s been carried out at an unapproved centre). When you’re sorting out your electric and hybrid leasing, make sure you clarify your lease car’s MOT date.

Do electric vans need an MOT?

Vans, just like cars, need an MOT. Electric vans under 3.5 tonne have always been exempt from MOTs, because of a loophole which initially excluded electric goods vehicles (like milk floats and park vehicles etc.). From 1st September 2018 though, electric vans do need an MOT. This law only covers newer existing vans - older electric vans, registered before 1st March 2015, are exempt from MOTs.

Tips to passing your electric car MOT

Check lights function

A good tip if doing this alone is to reverse up near a reflective surface like a window on your property, preferably in low light or darkness. Then check out your sidelights, indicators, reversing lights, fog lights and brake lights. Front lights are easier to check; switch them all on then get out and check. Alternatively, a passenger could help out.

Perform external visual checks

Check your number plate, and also windscreen and wipers. Make sure they're all in good condition. Make sure your tyres have enough tread (the legal minimum is 1.6mm across the middle ¾ of your tyres).

Brakes, bearings and suspensions aren’t really easy for you to check yourself. If you’re concerned about any of these though, get them checked - roadworthiness is a matter of daily safety, not just passing your MOT.

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