Why electric range isn't always important

Why electric range isn't always important

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of travelling. However, one of the main concerns that arise for people considering leasing an electric car is range anxiety.

Range anxiety is a feeling that those who have owned or even just driven an electric car know all too well. If you're new to electric cars, it's comparable to that sensation you get when you see the light on your dashboard reminding you to fill up your tank light up when you know it could be miles before you pass the next petrol station.

Electric cars have been available in the UK for quite some time. However, it is only in the last couple of years that electric cars have really become mainstream. In 2021 the UK government stated that over 500,000 low-emission electric cars were being driven in the country. For many people, swapping from a diesel or petrol car is a significant change, and with big change can come new anxieties caused by the unknown. This is where range anxiety comes into things.

So, what is range anxiety?

Range anxiety is the feeling of anxiety or worry that an electric car owner may experience when they are driving their vehicle and are unsure of how far they can travel until they need to recharge the battery.

Range anxiety is a common concern for those considering leasing an electric car. Many people worry that they will end up making a journey, accidentally exceeding their range and then being unable to access a charging station.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to combat range anxiety and ensure that you can always keep your leased electric car topped up with charge and carry on your journey with peace of mind, wherever you may be!

Why range may not be as big an issue as you first thought.

Thanks to the growing popularity of electric cars, charging stations are becoming a much more frequent feature of our cities and even our homes. According to EDF Energy, there are more than 42,000 charging points in the UK, spanning 15,000 locations. This, therefore, means that there is actually better access to charging points than fuel stations, and that is before private charging stations are even considered.

Private Charging stations.

Many houses now have charging stations, meaning you can charge your electric car from the comfort of your own home. Are you renting a car for a weekend break? Airbnb now lets you search for stays that will give you access to charging ports.

New laws announced in December 2021 will mean that building regulations will be altered to require new homes to possess a charging port; this change comes as part of more comprehensive government plans to increase access to charging stations. This will hopefully mean that range anxiety will be a thing of the past as more and more properties will come equipped to make leasing an electric car all the more simple!

Charging stations at supermarkets.

As of September 2020, all major UK supermarkets have committed to installing charging stations in their car parks. There has been an 85% increase in supermarket charging stations since 2020. This is fantastic news for electric car drivers as it means that you can top up your charge while you do your weekly shopping!

Charging stations at work.

An increasing number of businesses are also beginning to install charging points at work as part of a workplace charging scheme; there is an estimated 33,000 charging stations available at workplaces across the UK. This is beneficial for both the employer, as it helps to promote sustainable practices, and for employees, as it means they can charge their car during the day without having to worry about range anxiety.

All in all, there are now more charging points available than ever before, and with the government continuing to invest in sustainable practices, it is likely that this number will only increase in the future. So, if you're considering making the switch to leasing an electric car, don't let range anxiety hold you back - there are plenty of ways to ensure that you can always keep your car charged and ready to go!

Still not convinced? Your electric car's range may not be as limited as you think it is!

As the technology of electric cars has developed, so too has their range. The majority of electric cars now have a range of over 200 miles, which should be more than enough to get you from A to B without any problems! And, if you do happen to exceed your range, there are plenty of charging points available for you to top up your car's battery meaning that rather than charging your car battery and using it until it is empty, you are ‘grazing’ and charging on the go, as you go!

Use our EV mileage calculator! It will look at your driving habits, and determine whether an Electric Vehicle would suit your lifestyle.

Are you interested in an electric car? Browse our range today and see for yourself how easy it is to make the switch from petrol or diesel! You may be surprised at just how far you can go...

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