What Does The Colour of Your Car Say About You?

What Does The Colour of Your Car Say About You?

A massive 85% of consumers report colour has an influence on their decision to buy a product. When it comes to cars, they are not just a form of transport anymore, most people see their car as a reflection of their personality. So, what does your choice of car colour say about you ... and your driving?

Our choice of car colour might be more rooted in biology than we think. Studies have shown those with left brain dominance are more likely to be logical and analytical. These people are likely to be more swayed by practical considerations when choosing car colour, such as how well the car will be seen in the dark and how much dirt will show. Those of us with right brain dominance may be more intuitive and random in our decisions. These people are likely to be influenced by subjective factors, leading to more spontaneous colour choices.

The climate we live in might also have an impact on the car colour choices we make. It has been shown those who live in warmer climates tend to favour lighter coloured cars.

Our love of gadgets may be influences our choice of car colour. In what has now been termed the 'Apple effect' the popularity of white cars is soaring as drivers want to match their vehicle to their apple product.

We take a look at the top 10 most popular car colours from 2022 and what they can tell us about the personality of those driving them ...


The colour grey is associated with psychological neutrality reflecting stability and reliability. It indicates a mature and dignified person. The driver of a grey car will not want to stand out in any way, but will have a quiet strength.

Driving Style : Those in a grey car will be safe and responsible drivers, unlikely to show any road rage or erratic driving behaviour that may draw other road users attention.

The colour black is most associated with luxury and sophistication. It is also seen as a powerful colour suggesting those behind the wheel of a black car are confident and would like others to see them as a successful and powerful individual.

Driving Style : Drivers of black cars are likely to have a slightly arrogant driving behaviour and love to be in control on the road.



White has been the UK's favourite car colour choice since 2012. The rise in popularity is thought to be down to the 'Apple effect'. The colour white is associated with taste and elegance and is seen as fresh and clean. Those who favour white like a direct approach and can be irritated by those who step out of line, the cleanliness of white means there is nowhere to hide. As the colour white is linked to the latest gadgets, those driving a white car may be trying to present a young and modern image to others.

Driving Style : Those in a white car are likely to be orderly and stick to the rules of the road, becoming irritated by those who are not obeying normal driving protocol.

The colour blue is seen as cool and calm and is often thought to express strength, wisdom and trust. Those who favour the colour blue will probably hate confrontation and fuss but possess intelligence and creativity. Those in a blue car would like others to see them as dependable and even tempered. The darker the shade of blue chosen the more authoritative and confident the driver will want to appear.

Driving Style : Will never enter into conflicts with other road users and will have a confident and decisive driving style.




The colour red is widely used to signal a warning. It is a strong, noticeable colour which is also associated with passion. Those in a red car will love attention, be ambitious and want others to see them as having a sense of fun and an energetic personality. Red is also one of the most complex colours for the human eye to process so this may suggest drivers of red cars may have a complex personality with hidden depths!

Driving Style : Drivers of red cars can have an outgoing driving style, not afraid to take a few risks and can be a little aggressive on the roads.

The colour silver is used to portray a sophisticated and distinguished image. Silver was our favourite car colour in the UK for 10 years before it was overtaken by white. Silver is often associated with futuristic products, so those in a silver car may want to present themselves as a modern individual with a sense of innovation. It is also a practical colour as it hides dirt on a car well

Driving Style : If you are in a Silver car you are likely to have a cool, in control driving style, not easily flustered by the behaviour of other road users around you.



The colour green is most associated with nature and is a relaxing colour. Drivers who pick darker shades of green are likely to want to portray a credible and balanced persona. Those who pick a lighter shade of green are signalling to others a trendy, whimsical character.

Driving Style : Those in a dark green car are likely to be more traditional so will be courteous and respectful of others on the road. Drivers of a light green car may have a more energetic driving style.

The colour orange is bright, warm and uplifting. A person who chooses to drive an orange car would be telling others they are optimistic, adventurous, outgoing, uninhibited, and not afraid to take a few risks.

Driving Style : Drivers of orange cars may be more prone to riskier manoeuvres as they can be over optimistic about their driving ability.


Yellow is the colour of the sunshine and is the brightest colour the human eye can see. Those who choose to drive a yellow car are fun, energetic, cheerful and are always eager to please others. These drivers will want to be seen as youthful and enthusiastic and are not afraid to be the centre of attention.

Driving Style : The link between intelligence and yellow means drivers of yellow cars are likely to be observant and careful on the road. They are likely to be the first ones to stop, if another road user requires help due to their need to comfort others.



The colour of brown is a safe, comfortable colour. Drivers of a brown car are likely to be very down to earth, easy going, and will not be enticed by flashy gadgets - these are fiscally responsible people. Reliability and comfort will take the priority over flashy colours for these drivers.

Driving Style : You are in safe hands with the driver of a brown car, they will have a smooth and calm driving style and will shy away from any aggressive encounter on the roads.

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