BMW's are the Top Choice for Company Cars

BMW's are the Top Choice for Company Cars

September means only one thing in the car world – new number plates!

Whether you are getting a company car or taking out a personal lease there are so many benefits to having a brand new vehicle. As manufacturers continue the war against emissions, the newer your car the more fuel efficient and so therefore the more cost efficient it will be to run. Also, the newer your car the more likely it is to feature the latest safety technology, from autonomous braking to inflating rear seatbelts - newer means safer.

33% of employees stated a good company car is one of the biggest incentives to accepting a new job role and the first choice is a BMW. It’s not the only German made car in the top 5, it is closely followed by Volkswagen, Audi and Ford with Mercedes in 5th place.

The top consideration when choosing a company car, as reported by Business Car Manager, is vehicle efficiency with 42% saying it is their top priority. 32% say emissions are a big concern and 30% are most interested in the technology available.

So what makes the BMW such a popular choice?

Our Admin Manager, Jim Mercer, had this to say

"There is a perception that German cars have superior luxury and build quality, combine this with competitive pricing and they are on obvious company car choice."

BMW’s tick provide the efficiency and technology drivers desire with ease.

The BMW EfficientDynamics principle.

This principle aims to minimise fuel consumption and emissions while at the same time increasing driving pleasure, so how do they do it? BMW EfficientLightweight uses materials such as carbon, aluminium, steel and modern magnesium alloys to reduce weight along with fuel consumption.

Measures such as air vent control, an active rear spoiler and creating an aero curtain around the front of the car, BMW have made their vehicles as aerodynamic as possible. Less resistance means less fuel!

Super-efficient engines and energy saving technologies such as optimum shift indicator, auto stop/start and tyres specially designed to reduce rolling resistance all help save a little more fuel and reduce emissions.

These efforts have led to an army of 21 BMW’s with 141 model variants that all achieve CO2 emissions under 120 g/km

BMW’s Impressive Technology

With BMW’s gesture control means drivers can control the BMW iDrive system with only a wave of the hand or pinch of the finger. With these gestures you can answer a call, zoom in on a map or adjust volume without moving your hand too far away from the steering wheel.

Remote control parking allows a driver to remain out of their car when a space is a little tight and watch their BMW park itself!

BMW were the first manufacturer to introduce Head-up Display back in 2004. Information is projected directly onto the windscreen in the driver’s line of view. This keeps the driver up to date with any collision warnings, current speed and navigation guidance without taking your eyes off the road.

What would be your first choice of company car?

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