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The most iconic British classic car has had a modern makeover and is now among the most stylish vehicles on our roads.

The Mini was originally made by British Motor Works from 1959 in response to a need for a small economy car due to a fuel shortage in 1956.

Production of the MINI was then taken over by BMW who produced the modern MINI from 2001
to the present day. A new modern MINI is produced every 68 seconds in Oxfordshire. Whether you imagine the mini as the British icon of the ‘60s or as the agile automobile from the high-speed car chase in The Italian Job, there’s no denying that MINI produces cars that become absolute classics.

The mini was the original city car, and it remains so to this day. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will help you navigate to and from the morning meeting with ease and sophistication, there is still no beating the Mini Hatchback. This compact car features a charming exterior, but inside you are powered by a twin-turbo engine in a vehicle that still manages to minimise fuel consumption.

Since partnering up with BMW in 2000, Mini has significantly expanded its collection to include estates like the Mini Clubman, which - unlike the original vintage model - has plenty of space for five adults inside. You can even find SUVs such as the Mini Countryman, which gives you all the benefits of an all-wheel-drive for any terrain, while still driving like a Mini. Above all else, minis are simply fun and enjoyable to drive and they’re a superb get around car.

With Mini car leasing, you can drive every day in style, whilst paying an affordable monthly deal.

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Our best value leasing deal for the  CLUBMAN 1.5 Cooper Classic 6dr

38 Cars

Mini Clubman

Estate 6 Door 5 Seat From £213.07pm inc. VAT

The Clubman's iconic split rear doors provide generous luggage space and comfortable space for 5 adults. Features include a satellite navigation system and dynamic traction control to keep you safely and comfortably on the road at all times.

Our best value leasing deal for the  CONVERTIBLE 1.5 Cooper Classic II 2dr

56 Cars

Mini Convertible

Convertible 2 Door 4 Seat From £242.54pm inc. VAT

This convertible has the classic look of a Mini as well as chic, perfect for town driving with its firm suspension keeping the ride smooth and the electronic soft top that can be used at speeds of 20mph.

Our best value leasing deal for the  COUNTRYMAN 1.5 Cooper Classic 5dr

202 Cars

Mini Countryman

SUV / Crossover 5 Door 5 Seat From £237.84pm inc. VAT

The Countryman is the biggest Mini in the range, built for adventurous families it includes a satellite navigation system to help you explore with ease. Despite being large it still feels and drives like the classic Mini.

Our best value leasing deal for the  HATCHBACK 135kW Cooper S 1 33kWh 3dr Auto

4 Cars 1 Special 1 In Stock

Mini Electric

Hatchback 3 Door 4 Seat From £288.69pm inc. VAT

Everything we know and love about the MINI Hatch but electric! Iconic design + responsive handling. Zero emission, low cost driving. Great electric range and quick charging options.

Our best value leasing deal for the  HATCHBACK 1.5 One Classic II 3dr

74 Cars

Mini (3 door)

Hatchback 3 Door 2 or 4 or 5 Seat From £195.11pm inc. VAT

This classic hatchback is perfect for city driving. Mini have created an enjoyable driving experience due to its iconic go-kart feel thanks to its twin turbo engines, all while cutting fuel consumption.

Our best value leasing deal for the  HATCHBACK 1.5 One Classic II 5dr

56 Cars

Mini (5 door)

Hatchback 5 Door 5 Seat From £202.55pm inc. VAT

The iconic Mini now with 5 doors and an extra seat, meaning more space for passengers and luggage. The improvements that MIni include along with the twin turbo engines combine to give an efficient car.


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