Rivervale Are Making a Positive Difference in the Community

Rivervale Are Making a Positive Difference in the Community

At Rivervale, we stand by the belief that we can and should all take more action for environmental sustainability. However, as a responsible business environment is not alone, we take social responsibility and corporate governance equally as seriously, all to make a positive difference in our community. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals for 2023 are well underway, with several initiatives and partnerships that promote sustainability, support local communities, and raise funds for charitable causes. As a business this year we decided to establish an ESG committee to help us deliver on these objectives.

Partnerships for a Brighter Future:

We partnered with the Russell Martin Foundation to be a part of creating better futures for young people in Sussex. This collaboration aims to inspire young individuals and nurture their passion for sports and environmental sustainability. By empowering the next generation, Russell Martin Foundation fosters a sense of responsibility towards the environment and builds stronger communities. In addition to supplying vehicles, Rivervale has committed to financial support over the next two years to help further develop these sporting programmes.

We also have an ongoing relationship with Charlton Athletic Community Trust who organise and run initiatives that promote health and well-being, education, and community cohesion. Through various programs and activities, Rivervale and Charlton Athletic Community Trust are positively impacting the lives of individuals within the community. For more information on this partnership, check out 'Up At The O2' With Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

Up at the O2

Fundraising for a Cause:

We have been actively fundraising for The Rockinghorse Children's Charity. They play a vital role in improving the lives of sick children and their families, providing support, funding medical equipment and services and making a lasting positive impact on their lives. By organising events, and campaigns, and engaging its staff and customers, Rivervale has already managed to raise a substantial amount for this brilliant cause. To learn more about our commitment to this cause, please refer to our Rockinghorse Charity Initiatives 2023.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility:

We know the importance of transitioning to sustainable transportation solutions. We actively participate in various shows and events to raise awareness about electric vehicles (EVs). Events such as the South of England Show, London to Paris EV Rally, Magnificent Motors and Brighton Marathon, provide us with an opportunity to showcase the ease of making the switch to electric and emphasise the environmental advantages of EVs. For a number of these events, we supplied all-electric vehicles to aid with setup, reducing emissions and demonstrating our commitment. By offering practical solutions and showcasing the benefits of EVs first-hand, Rivervale is enabling individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable transportation options and make a positive impact on air quality and carbon emissions.

South of England Show

Eforests initiative

Having formed a partnership with eForests in 2021, Rivervale pledged to plant a tree for every Electric Vehicle leased through us. So far we have planted almost 1000 trees across the UK!

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Rivervale is partnered with the motor trade charity BEN, this is to ensure our employees’ health and well-being when needed. We are proud to be committed to offering personal and professional development to Rivervale staff to help them reach their full potential and continue to be successful in their careers.

BREEAM & Ethy Accreditations

Our state of the art showroom, Rivervale House, was built in agreement to adhere to BREEAM certified standards. These standards are in place to improve sustainability and asset performance, from design, construction, use and refurbishment. This meant that we had to:

  • Plan the build with reducing it's carbon emissions as one of the key factors
  • Ensure materials were sourced responsibly
  • Reduce our water and energy consumption, as well as provide better methods for waste reduction

It is important to us that our pursuit of a sustainable workplace continues. Alongside Rivervale House, we have expanded recycling efforts, introduced organic clothing for staff uniforms and have plans to embrace more renewable energy sources.

Additionally, we recently became Ethy Verified! Ethy is a free tool designed to create a space for companies to list their verified actions towards a more sustainable future for the planet, aiming to prevent cooperative 'greenwashing'. We have achieved a few of their ‘Eco Labels’ for EV charge points, Energy efficiency and giving to charity and are striving for many more.

EV Charge Point at Rivervale


Rivervale is committed to completing its Environmental, Social, and Governance goals. The efforts reflect Rivervale’s genuine concern for the environment and a desire to build a better future for all. As a company that cares about the community and strives for positive change, we would like to set an example for others to follow.

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