Must Haves for Minibus Journeys

Must Haves for Minibus Journeys

Got a journey planned on the minibus? Then there are a few checks you’ll need to do along with a few things you might want to have to hand before you turn the engine on.

Here are our essential (and not so essential) Minibus Must-Haves for all your minibus journeys.

Before you get going...

Is your section 19 permit on display?

In order to drive a minibus for educational and charitable purposes, you’ll need a section 19 permit which you can read more about here. Make sure you have it to hand and that it’s on full display on the windshield.

Is the minibus taxed?

Similarly, you’ll want to make sure the minibus is fully road taxed. Be sure to check that the vehicle has up-to-date vehicle tax and it has not expired.

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Has the operating log been reviewed?

Remember what they said at school about how it pays to be thorough? That might not have flown back then when spending time with friends was more exciting than handing in your book report. But now, it’s a necessary precaution when you’ve got a busload of little learners to transport.

It’s important to review the operating log before every trip to check for any faults that have been reported, so you can address these before hitting the open road.

Safety Checklist

Have you carried out a safety inspection?

Carrying on with the theme of thoroughness, we’ve got safety inspections. Now, you don’t necessarily need to check everything every time you get behind the wheel, but there are certain parts of your minibus you should always check at a minimum.

It can be tricky to know what these are, so here’s a handy checklist to run through before every trip.

Now, just a few more things...

In addition to the above checks, you should make sure you’ve got the following onboard:

  • First aid box - This should be on board and well-stocked - you never know when you might need a bandaid (or two, or three).

  • Fire extinguisher - make sure to check it’s in date.

  • Torch

  • Warning triangle

  • Reflective jackets

  • Cloth for cleaning windows

  • A blanket

  • Spare bulbs

  • Maps

  • Spare fuses

  • Drinking water

And, just a few final points...

Ok, so we’ve covered all the essentials now, but there are a few more things you can do to ensure everyone has a comfortable journey, that includes:

Some other (adult) company - Having another adult on board isn’t just a good idea to keep you sane while they’re singing the ‘wheels on the bus go round and round’ for the zillionth time. It’s important to have someone else who can monitor your passengers. That way, you can focus completely on the road ahead.

Get them to ‘go before we go’ - Every driver and parent knows this classic all too well. Before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone has had a chance to ‘go before we go’.

Equally, it’s important to ensure all your little travellers are well hydrated and well-fed from the get-go so there’s no passing out on-route.

Stock up on drinking water - Mind, not too much, though! You don’t want this to lead to lots of little bio breaks from tiny bladders along the way (as we’ve just pointed out). But it’s important to have some to hand just in case someone’s feeling queasy.

Mobile phone (fully charged) - There’s nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere without the means to contact someone. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before every trip.

Oh, and last but not least...

Perhaps have some good travel songs and games to hand? Depending on the age range of your backseat audience, having these up your sleeve could be your key to staving off boredom. Games like Categories, I Spy and Name the Song should keep them entertained.

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