Rivervale Celebrates 2000 Reviews on Trustpilot!

Rivervale Celebrates 2000 Reviews on Trustpilot!

Gone are the days when any product we wanted was purchased from our local shopping area. Now all we need is a few minutes to do a Google search and we can have a list of hundreds of companies who can all supply the product we are looking for. Things have never been better for consumers …. have they?

Consumer choice means we can easily compare prices, the only problem is how do we know who to trust? We sometimes never meet anyone from the company we are buying from face to face, so we can’t rely on gut instinct, and everyone has heard the horror stories of goods ordered and paid for that never turned up.

Thankfully customers now have an online word of mouth recommendation to rely on in the form of Trustpilot!

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot was originally set up back in 2007 in Denmark. The aim of Trustpilot is to allow any customer to leave a review about the business they have used. Anyone can leave a review on Trustpilot and everyone can read a review on Trustpilot. Currently around 500,000 new reviews are posted online each month. To keep reviews as honest as possible they are not altered in anyway providing complete transparency. When we are booking our holidays, we have probably all seen trip advisor reviews left about hotels or restaurants. If they are particularly negative it may make us think twice about making a booking. Trustpilot provides the same service but about any type of business, whether you are buying a new pair of shoes or a house.

Trustpilot reviews help give consumers knowledge about the company they are ordering from by providing an uncensored opinion from people who have already used that business. This knowledge gives customers the power and confidence to choose the best possible company to make their purchase.

Read Rivervale's Trustpilot Reviews

If you are considering leasing a vehicle it is likely be a fairly large expenditure for your household or company budget, so this is one purchase you definitely don’t want to be getting wrong. A google search for car leasing will leave you with pages and pages of companies to look through. To help you decide which company will be the most reliable Trustpilot has a section especially for transportation where you can read reviews on all the participating leasing companies, most will also have a link to their Trustpilot reviews from their website.

Rivervale's Position on Trustpilot

Companies are rated out of 10 and awarded a number of stars based on this rating … the Rivervale Car and Van Leasing team is thrilled that we have consistently held the number 1 spot within our sector for over 4 years now.

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We have just celebrated our 2000th review!

The Rivervale team has been taking care of all your vehicle needs since 2001. Not just in our local area either, we can deliver a lease vehicle anywhere in the United Kingdom. Customer care and trust have always been important at Rivervale, as can be seen in our company mission statement:

"..........Our mission is to provide an experience to each and every customer that is beyond their expectations in a friendly, professional and efficient manner, creating true customer value. We will treat our customers as we would want to be treated helping them to find the most suitable and appropriate options for all of their vehicle needs ....."

We are so proud all the hard work is paying paid off! We won’t be sitting back and taking our position on Trustpilot for granted though, we will be making sure we maintain and improve our reputation and relationship with our customers.

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