The Benefits of Short Term Leasing

The Benefits of Short Term Leasing

We’re now pleased to offer short term car leasing contracts to our business clients. But what is this type of leasing, and what are the benefits?

Short term leasing contracts are ideal for customers who are looking for a leasing solution that falls somewhere in the middle of daily rental and the traditional longer term leasing most people know of that has a minimum duration of 24 months.

Our short term leasing option is available for contract durations between three to 18 months on a variety of mileage profiles. A range of makes and models are available including premium manufacturers BMW, Mercedez-Benz, Audi and Land Rover.

At Rivervale Leasing, all vehicles leased on a six to 18-month contract are new. For shorter-term contracts of less than six months, vehicles tend to be under one year old.

Wondering whether short term leasing would be of benefit to your company? Ready to find out more? Read on to learn all about the business benefits of short term car leasing from Rivervale Leasing.

Why should I consider a short term leasing arrangement?

Here are some of the business reasons why you might wish to consider leasing a vehicle from Rivervale Leasing on a short term contract:

  • New start-up companies - As a new start-up business with limited accounts, it can prove difficult to find a leasing provider that’s willing to offer you their car leasing services - plus, it can be a challenge to know exactly how much you can afford to spend on car leasing. With a short term leasing solution, the potential risks will be much lower, which will undoubtedly help to relieve some of the pressure on both sides. What’s more, showing up to business meetings and events in a shiny motor is guaranteed to make a good impression on your new clients.
  • New staff members - Many organisations opt to put new employees onto a probationary period when they first join the business. If this applies to your company and your new member of staff needs the use of a lease car to be able to carry out the duties of their job role, you might be reluctant to enter a long term lease arrangement - after all, you don’t have a crystal ball to predict which staff members will end up remaining with the company for the long haul.
  • If you opt for a short term leasing contract, you can arrange for your new staff member to enjoy the use of a lease car for a minimum term of three months, which should be plenty long enough for you (and them!) to decide whether they are the right fit for the job role. If things don’t work out, simply return the car at the end of the lease period.
  • New technology - This one’s pretty straightforward - arranging a short term leasing solution means you’ll be able to upgrade your car to a newer model regularly. So you’ll always have access to the latest motoring features and technology. Nothing beats the look and feel of a new car - why not allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy that feeling more regularly with a short term leasing arrangement? Alternatively, you could choose to see this as an opportunity to have an extended “test drive” of the vehicle, before committing to a longer-term lease at a later date.
  • Extended lead times on your new car order - Finally, if you have decided to purchase a new car but there is a long lead time before it’s actually going to be delivered, a short term leasing contract could offer the ideal solution to bridge the gap.

What are the advantages of short term car leasing?

  • Cheaper than daily car hire costs

  • Fixed price monthly payments - so you’ll always know exactly how much to budget for

  • In-stock vehicles offering a fast turnaround after completion of background checks. This is usually in the region of 14 days.

  • Road Fund (tax) Licence, Manufacturer Warranty and Breakdown included in the contract price

  • Nationwide UK delivery available - in most cases, collection and delivery costs are included as part of the total rental costs - contact us for more information

  • No long-term commitment to continue with the arrangement following the initial term

  • Lower car maintenance costs - newer cars means that most vehicles will not need to undergo any maintenance work during the short term leasing contract

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Short Term Car Leasing

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Short Term Van Leasing

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For more information on how a short term leasing arrangement could benefit your business, request a callback from a member of the Rivervale Leasing team today.

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