Best First Cars For New Drivers

Best First Cars For New Drivers

Buying your first car is one of the most exciting experiences. A rite of passage that signifies the transition from teenager to adulthood, there’s a true sense of freedom with owning your first car. Once you’ve passed your driving test and are ready to hit the road, deciding which car is the most suitable can sometimes prove a daunting experience.

Which options are best? Should you focus on economy or features? Which cars are the safest models available? With so many choices to select from on the market today, it can be hard to narrow down which are the best first cars to buy. As a new driver, your first car should be a vehicle you’re comfortable with, can handle well, and overall, it should bring you joy.

When looking for your first car, you will want something economical, safe and comfortable. This is why hatchbacks and smaller city-sized cars are ideal first cars for new drivers. So, which makes and models top our list for best first car options? Read on to find out.

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Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is Britain's best-selling car for a reason. Safe, convenient and more spacious than other similar-sized cars on the market, it’s an all round winner. Popular for first cars, it’s also loved by parents thanks to its MyKey feature, which can enable certain behaviour-related settings to be applied when a particular key is used. Seat belt reminders, maximum speed and stereo volume settings can all be configured so parents can have confidence the young drivers of the family are kept safer.

Ford Fiesta Leasing prices start from £187.26 exc. VAT per month

Volkswagen Polo

Cheap to insure due to its 1.0 litre, 80hp engine, the VW Polo is a firm favourite when it comes to the selection for first cars. Easy-to-use technology and a well-built interior make it a sturdy investment that will provide everything you need for your early driving years. With the sixth generation offering a boot that is 25% larger and a new, sportier silhouette, there’s more space to make use of than ever before.

Volkswagen Polo Leasing prices start from £171.31 exc. VAT per month

Volkswagen Polo

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa is another fan favourite, regularly featuring in the best-sellers list in Britain. Cheap to buy and run, as well as an easy-to-drive vehicle, these features make it a top contender for first car buyers. For the eco-conscious, it is also available in a fully electric model, which will certainly appeal to the new generation of drivers. Tech isn’t quite as specced out as some of the competition, but a brilliant choice for first-time car owners.

Vauxhall Corsa Leasing prices start from £206.11 exc. VAT per month

Peugeot 208

If you’re looking for a first car with an air of sophistication, look no further than the Peugeot 208. Its engine runs economically, an ideal solution for first car owners, and there are plenty of inclusions to ensure you’ve got everything you need to get you started. Regularly ranking with good consumer satisfaction levels in surveys, there’s a lot to love about this compact hatchback.

Peugeot 208 Leasing prices start from £189.59 exc. VAT per month

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Skoda Fabia

Practicality lovers will be drawn to the Skoda Fabia thanks to its economic efficiency and lower insurance costs than comparative models like the VW Polo. Easy to drive, safe and comfortable, it checks all the boxes that first-time car owners are looking for. With a host of ‘Simply Clever’ features such as a built-in ice scraper, ticket holder on the windscreen and umbrella inside the cabin included, there are even more reasons this could be the perfect choice. With plenty of space in the rear to carry three people comfortably, it’s great for keeping you and your friends moving.

Skoda Fabia Leasing prices start from £191.04 exc. VAT per month

Volkswagen up!

Repeatedly scoring well in the best first car category, Volkswagen’s up! is everything a first-time car owner could want bundled into a tidy little package. Every engine choice available offers excellent fuel efficiency, with some models even falling within insurance category one, making them among the most affordable cars available.

Fun to drive kitted out with plenty of great tech and a stylish little vehicle, it’s a brilliant choice for young drivers looking to hit the road with their first car.

Volkswagen up! Leasing prices start from TBA

Hyundai i10

If affordability and practicality are underpinning your selection for a first car, then opting for the Hyundai i10 will hit the mark. Small in stature but surprisingly roomy inside the cabin, this small but mighty car has a full bench in the rear unlike the Volkswagen Up! meaning there’s enough space for you and a few friends. If you choose the S or SE models, you’ll stay within category two for insurance, keeping costs down while still looking great in this ideal runaround.

Hyundai i10 Leasing prices start from £140.00 exc. VAT per month

Kia Picanto

A great small car that keeps running costs low, the Kia Picanto is a wonderful choice for first car buyers. Ideal for young drivers, it features an attractive silhouette, great handling and sporty looks. Another model that keeps within the budget-friendly insurance categories, it also comes with a seven-year warranty which will give first-time buyers peace of mind.

Kia Picanto Leasing prices start from £154.44 exc. VAT per month

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Renault Clio

This ultra-stylish supermini has recently had a redesign that has resulted in a superb offering ideally fashioned for first car buyers. Whether you’ve just passed your test or are ready to upgrade from borrowing the rest of the family’s cars, the Renault Clio feels like a touch of luxury has been included with upmarket features, including soft-touch materials and a huge 9.2-inch touchscreen.

With low running costs and a five-star safety rating, this is a big win for first car owners in our books.

Renault Clio Leasing prices start from £165.54 exc. VAT per month

Toyota Yaris

Dependable, reliable and a splendid all-rounder, the Toyota Yaris is a no-brainer choice for first car buyers. The Japanese manufacturer is known for its reliability, and this little hatchback is no different. A five-year warranty adds peace of mind, while models with less expensive trims will keep you in insurance category two. Featuring a sporty look, good fuel economy and a fun number to drive, new drivers will love the Yaris.

Toyota Yaris Leasing prices start from £192.43 exc. VAT per month

Buying your first car should be exciting. Whether you’ve just passed your test and are ready to hit the road or have been looking for a while, there’s plenty to offer new drivers looking to buy their first car. Why not get familiar with some of your top choices by leasing with Rivervale? Our price match challenge ensures you get the best deal every time.

Want help finding the perfect vehicle for you? Give our expert team a call on 01273 433 480, or request a callback at a time that suits your schedule.

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