Charging an EV just got easier!

Charging an EV just got easier!

The latest report from ZapMap says that there are over 51,000 EV charging points in the UK, representing a 45% increase from 2022. Having more chargers is great news for EV users and potential buyers. It can be tricky to find chargers, especially in busy cities. So, this new infrastructure will help to relieve drivers with range anxiety.

Additionally, innovations in charging technology have led to the deployment of faster and more efficient charging stations. Rapid chargers capable of delivering a significant charge in a shorter time have become more prevalent. This improvement addresses the issue of long charging times, making EVs more convenient for users and even for more affordable electric cars.

Continuous efforts and investments are required to enhance the charging infrastructure further, ensuring seamless accessibility, faster charging times, and widespread coverage to support the accelerating shift towards net zero.

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