Electric Cars and Hybrids - Ask an Expert

Electric Cars and Hybrids - Ask an Expert

With so many questions around electric and hybrid vehicles we decided to engage with an engineering expert to find out what having an EV or Hybrid really meant for driver and planet.

Jahee Campbell-Brennan is Director of J C-B Engineering Consultants Ltd. With a masters in automotive engineering, Jahee gave us his take on where the technology sits now and where it could go in the future, as well as what we as drivers should anticipate making the move into these new technologies.

We put together a list of some of the most common questions we are asked by our customers to discuss.

Ever wondered what the actual differences are between traditional diesel and petrol engines we are all used to, EV's and hybrids? Yes we are all aware that the power source is different but what does this mean for you the driver once you are behind the wheel? Do they drive differently, does one have benefits over the other when it comes to performance?

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There has been a lot of speculation around the technology and trust in the technology of autonomous vehicles. We discuss if they really could catch on, what developments we could expect and what the current shortfalls are.

Servicing and Maintenance

One of the major concerns for any driver contemplating moving into an EV or hybrid, is what to expect when it comes to servicing and maintaining the vehicle. Traditional combustible engines have a huge volume of moving and vibrating parts which require lubricants, replacements and regular routine servicing. One of the major benefits EV's hold is that due to the power train, less maintenance and servicing is required, however will this be more expensive because of the tech required? We go into our service centre to explore what changes and what stay the same.

Rivervale's Chief Operating Officer Vince Pemberton steps in to ask about policy and infrastructure:

Have you considered what an all electric vehicle force would mean for our national power infrastructure? With big changes outlined in the governments Road to Zero strategy we discuss if our existing set up could cope with the influx of electric vehicles.

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The government has also outlined new policy which requires all new builds to be completed with car charge points. We look at the reality of this demand and what the actual impact to our environment could be using existing power sources to complete these changes.

Should I be considering an EV or hybrid as my next vehicle?

We hope that this discussion helps you draw a line under some contentious subjects as well as give you some food for thought. The direction manufacturers are going is inevitable, however it is up to us to make the right decision on what vehicle is right for our needs and we are here to help you figure that out.

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Our Top 3 EV's and Top 3 Hybrids

Electric - Nissan LeafElectric Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf continues to be a big name in the electric vehicle market. It boasts excellent safety features, and their e-Pedal for regenerative breaking - bringing you that extra mile. The Leaf also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

  • Claimed Electric Range: Up to 168 Miles
  • Domestic Socket Charge: 10-12 hours
  • 0-62 mph: 7.9 seconds
  • Top Speed: 90 mph
  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Capacity: 435 litres
  • NCAP Safety rating: 5*

Lease a Nissan Leaf from £176.68 exc. VAT per month

Hybrid - Toyota PriusHybrid Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is renowned for its incredible MPGs and low emissions. It makes for a comfortable and practical daily driver, while saving you money on fuel. It has a purely electric range of 39 miles, meaning you can do short trips without needing to top up on petrol.

  • Claimed Electric Range: 39 Miles
  • Domestic Socket Charge: 1.5-2 hours
  • 0-62 mph: 10.8 seconds
  • Top Speed: 111 mph
  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Capacity: 457 litres
  • NCAP Safety rating: 5*

Lease a Toyota Prius from TBA

Electric - Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar i-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace: winner of the 2019 World Car of the Year award and Jaguar's first all-electric SUV. With a horsepower for 400ps, it is incredibly quick - going from 0-60mph in a time of 4.5 seconds, and with a top speed of 124mph. It also boasts an impression range of up to 292 miles, so range anxiety should be less of a concern.

  • Claimed Electric Range: Up to 292 Miles
  • Domestic Socket Charge: 12-13 hours
  • 0-62 mph: 4.8 seconds
  • Top Speed: 124 mph
  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Capacity: 656 litres
  • NCAP Safety Rating: 5*

Lease a Jaguar I-Pace from £772.80 exc. VAT per month

Hybrid - Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq is designed to be comfortable and spacious, with a simple but intuitive interior. Checking your vehicle's health is easy, with on-demand diagnostics via the Bluelink app. The app also comes with a 'Find my Car' feature, remote door locking and unlocking. You can also send your destination to your car from the app, so you're always ready to go.

  • Claimed Electric Range: Up to 39 Miles
  • Domestic Socket Charge: 2-3 hours
  • 0-62 mph: 10.8 seconds
  • Top Speed: 115 mph
  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Capacity: 341 litres
  • NCAP Safety Rating: 5*

Leasing a Hyundai Ioniq from TBA

Electric - Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has made a massive name for itself. It's so popular, it has taken over the Ford Focus to become 3rd in terms of sales in the UK in 2019 - only beaten by the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Fiesta. With it's autopilot and 14" touchscreen display, the Model 3 provides access to the latest and greatest in tech.

  • Claimed Electric Range: up to 254 miles
  • Domestic Socket Charge: 7.5 hours
  • 0-62 mph: 5.6 seconds
  • Top Speed: 130 mph
  • Seats: 5
  • Boot Capacity: 425 litres
  • NCAP Safety Rating: 5*

Lease a Tesla Model 3 from £424.54 exc. VAT per month

Hybrid - Lexus RXLexus RX

The Lexus RX has plenty of space, and an option for 5 or 7 seats. It has a sleek and luxurious, but practical interior which includes a 12.3 inch display. The 18" alloys offer a comfortable and quiet ride, and it's electronically adjustable seat and wheel means you can find your preferred driving position hassle-free.

  • 0-62 mph: 7.7 seconds
  • Top Speed: 124 mph
  • Seats: 5/7
  • Boot Capacity: 453 litres
  • Engine Power - 313 BHP
  • MPG (Combined): 48.7
  • Insurance Group: 41E

Lease a Lexus RX SUV from £504.06 exc. VAT per month


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