Mercedes-Benz History and Fun Facts

Mercedes-Benz History and Fun Facts

We decided to take a look at the Mercedes-Benz story in a bit more detail.

Unknown to many who are not local to us, for a number of years Rivervale was the Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brighton...

Many of our longest serving customers today are still leasing Mercedes vehicles from us, based on first using us as a Mercedes dealer. With such close ties to Mercedes, our number one selling brand through both leasing and used cars is Mercedes-Benz.

We decided to investigate the history of the German manufacturer and we found out some fun facts on the way!

Starting back as far as 1890 Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhem Maybach engineered and sold the words first four cyclinder street cars.


Did you know Mercedes made the first ever diesel car?

Diesel has become the most common engine you will find on the roads, however now we are seeing the push to more environmentally and sustainable power sources such as electricity and hydrogen, Mercedes too have developed some eco friendly models under their umbrella.

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Golden Facts

Mercedes have some very famous customers, from Elvis Pressley to Kanye West, however they also have some unique cars that are not so famous, like the custom made white gold AMG owned by an Abu Dhabi millionaire!

Mercedes Infographic

Do you know how many Meceredes-Benz are sold each year?

In 2018, 650,000 unit were sold in China, the largest market place for MB, followed by 350,000 in the USA.

Mercedes Infographic

Fun Facts

The famous three-pointed star from Mercedes holds a deeper meaning, it represents land, water and air signifying the companies ambition for worldwide motorization.

Mercedes Infographic

Mercedes Infographic


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