How Long Will it Take for my Lease Car to be Delivered?

How Long Will it Take for my Lease Car to be Delivered?

New to car leasing? For those who are unfamiliar with the car leasing process, there are 5 simple steps you have to go through prior to receiving your brand-new lease car…

These steps include;

  1. Requesting a quote
  2. Completing a credit check
  3. Confirming your order
  4. Signing your finance agreement
  5. Confirming delivery

Rivervale explain how PCH works and everything you need to know before you take out a leasing contract…

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So, you’ve now completed the order of your new lease car, now you just have to wait for it to be delivered. Taking delivery of your new lease car is an exciting day for most drivers but it's important to bear in mind that sometimes it means that the delivery process can take longer than initially expected.

Our Rivervale guide helps you understand why delivery lead time might be shorter or longer and what vehicle checks you should make before signing your delivery note.

How the delivery process works on a leased vehicle

Your lease car will go through a number of steps before its delivered. Here at Rivervale we can only confirm your delivery date once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership, then all vehicles will go through a Pre Delivery inspection (PDI) at the dealership prior to delivery.


What does PDI mean and why is it essential?

PDI is the final check conducted by the dealer on any new vehicle prior to delivery. Once the process has been completed, there will then be a record that the vehicle has passed all of the relevant safety checks and quality control. Generally speaking, the PDI will also ensure that all of the fluid levels are checked so that you receive your car in first class condition.

What checks are completed during the PDI?

Although the exact checks a distributor will make during the PDI will vary between models and from one dealer to another, but essentially it’s an advanced inspection of the lease car, from the exterior to the interior, engine and other mechanical parts. The car will also undergo a road test, plus any minor problems will be fixed immediately. If, for whatever reason, the car requires major repairs, it’ll be assessed by an expert. Fluid levels are checked, as well as the car’s number plate. The dealer will also check the vehicle to ensure any optional equipment that you asked for have been fitted to the vehicle.

Once this process has been completed, you will be contacted via mobile to set a convenient time and date for the delivery of your vehicle. It usually takes up to 5 workings days for vehicles to go from the dealer and arrive directly in your driveway. You will also get an email confirming the details of your delivery.

TOP TIP: ‘In stock’ cars are generally cheaper to lease than cars ordered from a factory. This is because they’re already built and are the quickest and easiest to deliver.

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What other factors could affect the delivery-time frame of my new lease car?

There are many other factors along with PDI and paperwork requirements that can delay the delivery process, such as;

  • Model demand – The more popular the car, the longer the waiting game usually is. The manufacturer will receive a high volume of orders, and this may mean that your order gets added to the end of the list.
  • Time of the year – Ordering a car during a high-profile launch can easily add a few weeks to your lead time.
  • Factory closures – There are certain times of the year that manufacturers will have annual shutdowns and this can cause a long delay with your order. Note that these shutdowns can vary depending on manufacturer, but not to worry, we will give you a realistic estimated delivery date prior to confirming your order.
  • Factory locations – Typically, not many cars are built in the UK and are actually built in factories abroad, which can again affect delivery-time frame of your lease car. The further away a factory is, the longer the lead time. There are also other issues like the transit to the port of exit.


Average lead times

  • Factory orders – These can generally be between 8 weeks and 20 weeks dependant on factory constraints and popularity. Some rarer models can even be significantly longer.
  • In stock orders – Physical cars can usually be delivered between 7 – 14 days. This can vary based on whether the lease is business or personal, and whether there are any mandatory cooling off periods relating to the finance contract.

Insuring your leased car

Insurance is not included in the monthly payments for a lease agreement, but for an added cost we can arrange it for you. Generally, it is the responsibility of the customer or business to arrange insurance, however. You must take out a fully comprehensive insurance policy for your leased car. For personal contract hire agreements, the driver obtaining finance must be the main policy holder on the insurance certificate. For business contract hire agreements, the insurance certificate should be company name/director’s name.

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Rivervale’s top tips when checking your leased car

Once the vehicle has been delivered, you should ensure that you’ve carried out a thorough examination of the vehicle prior to signing the delivery note. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you begin by checking the registration number plate first, to make sure it matches with your paperwork. Thereafter, you should check whether the vehicle specification is the same as what you ordered. Once completed, check the exterior and interior for the following;

1. Check Paintwork
Search for any scratches, dents or imperfections

2. Check Windscreen
Look for any cracks on the windscreen and side windows

3. Check Wheels
Inspect wheels for any kerb damage

4.Inspect Interior
Check for any damage made to the interior - for example, all lights are properly working, there are no rips or stains in the seats, gearstick etc.

5. Check Extras
Check if the manufacturer handbook, tyre repair kit and other essentials have all been included inside the car, etc.

If you have any questions about the car leasing process, or need any clarification on delivery lead time on your leased vehicle, one of our Account Managers would love to help – give us a call on 01273433480 or request a callback today.

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