Lexus’ First Ever All-Electric Car: The UX300e SUV

Lexus’ First Ever All-Electric Car: The UX300e SUV

We always expect a lot from this Japanese luxury brand, and Lexus’ first-ever all-electric stands up to the competition. It looks smart, but is also a superb build, and offers the sort of quality we’ve come to expect. But can it stand out from the electric SUV competition? We take a deeper look into this new model to find out.

Meet the Lexus UX300e SUV

As a brand, Lexus has been somewhat ahead of the curve when it comes to fully electric vehicles. The Japanese manufacturer has sold almost two million self-charging hybrids since 2005 - and 130,000 of those sales were to the UK market.

The UX300e is the brand’s first-ever fully-electrified model. Based on the earlier Lexus UX, the brand’s smallest SUV, an SUV made for urban environments, the UX300e is low to the ground and unusual looking and aimed at the thirty-something urban explorer.

Lexus UX300e Headlight

A compact SUV, the UX300e comes in at only 449.5cm long. The coupé-like swoop of the headspace makes for a striking rear end, and the front is marked by the classic Lexus spindle grille. This is the ultimate in quiet class and comfort - the perfect weekend get around.


Similar to the UX in many ways, the UX300e, of course, has the addition of the prerequisite battery, located under the floor and the rear seats, and its 201bhp motor is in the engine bay.

Don’t expect a super-long range here. The UX300e offers a respectable yet not industry-leading 196 miles on a full charge, and that’s with the smaller 17-inch wheels. This is because the brand had done some research and found out that most Lexus owners travel an average of only 29 miles per day, so don’t need those boundary-pushing 200 mile-plus battery reserves. A bigger battery would impact handling and efficiency, and it quiets a driver’s range anxiety - so we can see why Lexus has made this calculated choice. With fast charging, though, you’ll be able to storm back to 80% charged in 52 minutes (on a 50kW charger).

Lexus UX300e Rear

When it comes to driving comfort, Lexus has nailed that, too - SUVs are known for that back and forth rattle when travelling over uneven, potholed ground, but the UX300e smooths out your ride, and you will be hard pushed to feel any but the biggest bumps in your drive. 0-62mph comes in at 7.5 seconds, but the model feels faster with aggressive Dunlop tyres and instant torque. This is a relaxing, comfortable, and fun car to drive.


As Lexus is known for providing luxury models, it’s no surprise that the emphasis here is on comfort and quality interiors. The sporty steering wheel is small and tactile, and the driving position is comfortable, with less of a commanding position than some SUVs, offering great vantage over the road.

Lexus UX300e Infotainment

Lexus UX300e


  • Range: 196 Miles
  • 0-62 MPH: 7.5 Seconds
  • CO2: 0 g/km
  • Luggage Capacity: 486 Litres

Lexus UX300e leasing prices start from £299.26 exc. VAT per month

Check out our review of the Mercedes-Benz EQE for some more luxurious flair on a premium electric car.

A small digital screen behind the wheel packs in all the information you need to know, and small buttons on each side allow you to either select your driving mode (one for choosing between Normal, Eco, and Sport modes, to alter the throttle response) or control the traction. A 7-inch infotainment screen and analogue clock are housed in the central dash. Beautiful leather seats can be warmed and cooled in the Premium Plus Pack - the ultimate in driving comfort.

Lexus UX300e Interior

The rear seating works well for children, and there’s plenty of headroom and legroom for passengers in the front. The boot on the UX300e is actually bigger than the boot on the UX, offering 47 litres more capacity than this previous model. It’s also perfectly square, a valuable shape for maximum utility. Tidy your charging cables away into the convenient hidden cable storage area, too, to maximise your usable boot space.

Sustainability and driving

Quiet your range anxiety because the UX300e offers all the charge likelihoods you might need. There’s both an AC and a DC port, allowing you to utilise public rapid charging (getting an 80% charge in 52 minutes), but taking 8.5 hours to regain full charge on a regular home wall box offering 32A. That’s a respectable and easy overnight charge time. In dire straits, a three-pin plug is provided, but it’s not the quickest option, just one for emergencies. The UX300e also offers Lexus’ full range of safety tech, quieting your mind when it comes to safety for yourself and your passengers.

Lexus UX300e Boot

Rivervale have teamed up with Virtus Energy to provide a simple process to obtain the latest high speed electric car chargers. We can add the cost of the provision and installation to your monthly lease rental cost. Schedule a chat with an EV charger specialist to learn more.


This first all-electric model from Lexus is not genre-redefining, but it’s a great city explorer. One for two adults, it offers all the comfort and luxury we come to expect from Lexus, without the environmental footprint.

Get in touch with Rivervale today to discuss car leasing if you think the UX300e might be the model you need for the future. Call us on 01273 433 480, or request a callback at a time that suits you.

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