Tesla Model 3 - A Facelift to Improve Noise & Comfort

Tesla Model 3 - A Facelift to Improve Noise & Comfort

The popular Tesla Model 3 has had a facelift. The new Model 3 Highland features a new exterior design, additional electric range and even more impressive technology. But do these changes help Tesla to stay ahead of the fiercely competitive electric market? This includes the Polestar 2, Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6 and many more popular vehicles.

The old Telsa Model 3

Watch this 2-minute video to get up to speed on the original Tesla Model 3

Or you could read our original guide for everything you need to know about leasing the Tesla Model 3.


We all know the Telsa Model 3 is an impressive feat of engineering, but this mid-life facelift takes it one step further. Technically no improvements have been made to the battery or motor(s), yet there are clear improvements to the acceleration and range. Tesla now boasts a 391-mile electric range and a time of 4.4 seconds to go from 0-62MPH on the long-range spec. These improvements on the older model are due to a redesigned and more aerodynamic design. The top speed of this spec still remains modest at 125MPH.

As for charging, there is nothing to worry about here. Tesla still has one of the best EV charging infrastructures. Although, with a huge range of 391 miles, most of the time you will be charging at home or work. On a supercharger (250kW) you can expect a top-up of 172 miles in 15 minutes. As for standard charging (22kW), you can expect to wait around 6-7 hours.

Driver Assistance Features

As with all Tesla vehicles, you can expect the latest and greatest assistance features.

Notable driver assistance and safety features include:

  • Lane-keeping assist

  • Tesla Vision autopilot

  • Traffic-aware cruise control (TACC)

  • Road sign recognition.

  • Blind-spot monitoring

  • Surround view camera

  • Front and rear sensors

Tesla Model 3 facelift-7

Exterior Design

The new design of this facelifted model is the real key element that improves it on the old. The car has a slightly different exterior design with a new look for the bonnet and back lights that lift with the tailgate. However, as previously mentioned, the car is more aerodynamic due to its new design. The top of the bonnet near the windscreen is now slightly raised. This subtle change helps to create a more streamlined shape to redirect the wind over the vehicle, in turn reducing drag and saving energy.

Interior Design

All windows, including the all-glass roof, are now made with acoustic glass to deaden the sounds outside the vehicle. A complaint about the older model is the discomfort in the rear of the vehicle due to the noise and rockiness. 360 acoustic glass and improved suspension and tyres help to create a much quieter and smoother experience.

As expected from Telsa, they continue with their streak of incredibly minimalist designs. This time they went as far as to remove the stalks from behind the steering wheel, opting to add the factions as ‘haptic feedback’ buttons on the wheel for convenience. These buttons include windscreen wipers, indicators and headlights; a controversial decision, however, drivers quickly grow accustomed to these buttons in a short time.

Tesla Model 3 facelift-6

Interior Tech & Comfort Features

As you would expect from a Tesla, there is a huge 15-inch touchscreen in this vehicle which houses infotainments, climate control, battery percentage, sat nav, speedometer and more. This new model also includes a screen in the centre console for rear passengers to watch TV, control music and even control the aircon. Alongside the quieter and less bumpy ride, the rear passengers can now have a much more comfortable time.

The sound system is upgraded from a 14-speaker system to a whopping 17, creating a studio like sound system in the cabin for you to enjoy your favourite music, radio or TV shows.

The Tesla app continues to be a big selling point for more electric vehicles, the Model 3 is no exception, enabling you to locate your car, pre-heat it, unlock it and check its battery/charging progress. Additionally, over-the-air updates can be made to the operating system of the vehicle.

Other nice to haves include wireless chargers and USB C ports that can charge a laptop (65W), ventilated and heated seats and new customisable LED strip lighting to customise your experience.

Tesla Model 3 Stock

Tesla Model 3


  • Range: 391 Miles
  • 0-62 MPH: 4.4 Seconds
  • Top Speed: 125mph
  • CO2: 0 g/km
  • Luggage Capacity: 561 Litres (Seats up)

Tesla Model 3 leasing prices start from £424.54 exc. VAT per month


Considering the success of the Model 3, it comes as no surprise that the face-lifted version ticks every box and more! From its more energy-efficient design to its improved rear passenger experience, this vehicle will continue to sit high on the list of the best affordable electric vehicles on the market.

If you think the Tesla Model 3 is perfect for you, then take a look at our leasing offers for this vehicle, or if you have any questions, get in touch at 01273 433480, or request a callback at a time that suits you.

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