Leasing The Tesla Model 3 - Everything You Need To Know!

Leasing The Tesla Model 3 - Everything You Need To Know!

Tesla are viewed as the world leaders in electric vehicle technology. While the Tesla model S has received plenty of accolades around the world (UK included) for being a great everyday EV, the Tesla Model 3 has a wider, more global appeal, as it is currently the most affordable Tesla Model yet.

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Having only recently gone on sale, the Tesla Model 3 has already won the 2019 "Car of the Year" award from the UK's Autoexpress. Here are some of things they have said about the Model 3 thus far;

“Incredible agility… the car’s dynamics and ability will genuinely surprise you. … It grips and grips”

“The acceleration is an intoxicating and enjoyable experience that puts much more expensive performance machinery to shame.”

“The slightest tickle of the throttle from any speed – especially standstill – will shove you back into your seat with a ferocity to rival the fiercest rollercoaster, with a fun factor to match.”

Our guide to the Tesla Model 3 compiles everything you need to know about interior and exterior styling, performance, enhanced technology and which UK grants it's eligible for.

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Technology in the Model 3

Autopilot system will come as standard across the range which allows the vehicle to autosteer to avoid crashes and take care of overtaking on motorways and carriage-ways, change lanes automatically, park itself and also includes summon system which is remote control parking at the touch of a button! For an extra cost of £4,900, buyers can opt for a car with ‘full self driving capability’, which enables the car to drive around city streets and recognise and respond to traffic lights. Keep in mind that if you decide to upgrade after delivery it will cost £6,800.


Tesla Model 3 performance

The Tesla Model 3 is significantly lower in price than the £70,000 model S - £38,050, to be exact, for the Standard Range Plus rear-wheel drive version. It will have a 0-60mph time of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 140mph. The quoted WLTP range for this version will be 258-miles.

Two other models will be available at launch, both with dual-motor all wheel drive: the £47,050 Long Range, which claims a WLTP range of 348-miles and reaches 0-60mph in just under 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 145mph. The third, the Model 3 Performance version, has a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds, making it the fastest model in the Model 3 line-up, costing £56,050. As for range, It falls a little bit short when compared to the Standard Range Plus and Long Range models, with a range of 329 miles between charges.

Tesla Model 3 interior and exterior features

Although on the outside the Model 3 will be a similar size to other compact executive saloons, inside there is more room available thanks to space saved by not needing a combustion engine. 5 adults can be seated comfortably and there is plenty of storage at the front and rear. Swooping lines create a flowing body shape with no grille openings.


To add to the feeling of space the entire roof is constructed using a single pane of glass, creating an open and light interior. A large 15” tablet style touch screen display provides control in the centre of the dashboard. On-the-go internet connectivity comes as standard across the range, including a 4-year warranty.


There are 5 exterior colours available for buyers, including the standard solid black (free of charge). For an extra cost, you can choose from the existing exterior paint jobs: Midnight Silver and Deep blue for £950, or Multi Cult Red for and Pearl White for double the price (£1,900).


Both the Long Range and Model 3 Performance versions comes with a premium interior package including powered, heated seats, upgraded trim satellite-view maps with real-time traffic information and navigation, and a premium audio system with 14 speakers and online music streaming. Among other interior features, you can also connect two smartphone devices all at once, including 4 USB outlets, which means nobody will be concerned about their smartphone device running out of charge. Standard and Long range versions come with 18” as standard, however buyers can opt to upgrade to 19” Sport wheels for an added cost of £1,450. The high spec Model 3 Performance version gets 20” wheels.

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Model 3 Electric Vehicle Data at-a-glance ...

Tesla Model 3 Electric Vehicle Data

Battery Capacity in kWh 88
Battery Charge Fast Percentage 0-100
Battery Charge Fast time (Minutes) 107
Battery Charge Fast kW 50
Battery Charge Rapid Percentage 0-80
Battery Charge Rapid Time (Minutes) 36
Battery Charge Rapid kW 120
Battery Charge Slow Percentage 0-100
Battery Charge Slow Time (Minutes)  454
Battery Charge Slow kW 11 
Battery Charge Super Charge Percentage 0-80 
 Battery Charge Super Charge Time (Minutes) 27 
 Battery Charge Super Charge kW 250 
 Battery Type Lithium-ion 
 Coupler/Connector Type Type 2 
 Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Mileage 120000 
 Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Years
 WLTP - Pure Electric Range (km) - Comb - Max 329 
 WLTP - Pure Electric Range (miles) - Comb - Max 204 

Is the Tesla Model 3 eligible for any UK car grants?

Short answer, yes! The Tesla Model 3 is eligible for the following grants;

Buyers will also benefit from £0 year 1 road tax and £0 London congestion charge.

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Driving a Tesla Model 3 is an exciting and eco-friendly choice for those looking to make a statement on the road. At Rivervale Leasing, we are proud to offer a range of leasing options that make it easy for you to get behind the wheel of this cutting-edge electric vehicle. Our flexible leasing options allow you to customize your agreement to suit your lifestyle and budget, with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service guaranteed. With Rivervale Leasing, you can enjoy all the benefits of driving a Tesla Model 3, from its impressive range and quick acceleration to its advanced technology and sleek design. So why not take advantage of our leasing services at Rivervale Leasing and start your journey towards a more sustainable future today?

Don't worry - If you already have your Model 3 on order with Tesla here at Rivervale Leasing we can fund your existing order via our funders to make sure you have the cheapest method of having your very own Tesla.

View our Tesla leasing prices


Range: 254 miles
Max speed: 139.8 to 155.3 mph
Battery charge time: 7h at 220V, 1.75h at 440V
Battery: 75 kWh 350 V lithium-ion

Standard features; 60/40 split folding rear seats, tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection, Trip computer, BLIS (Blind spot information system), steering wheel mounted controls, DVD system, DAB digital radio, 15" touchscreen

Tesla Model S


Range: 393 miles
Top speed: 155mph
Battery charge time: 7h at 220V, 1.75h at 440V
Battery: 100 kWh 350-400 V lithium-ion

Tesla Model S leasing prices start from TBA

Tesla Model X


Range: 315 miles
Top speed: 155mph
Battery charge time: 7h at 220V, 1.75h at 440V
Battery: 100 kWh 350-400 V lithium-ion

Tesla Model X leasing prices start from TBA

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