Tesla and the New Model Y

Tesla and the New Model Y

Even before the hotly anticipated Model 3 has hit the roads Elon Musk has announced the new Model Y at the Tesla Shareholders meeting.

What do we know about Model Y?

So far, the information revealed has been extremely limited.  A single teaser image has been released of the Model Y obscured by shadows adding an extra air of mystery. Here’s what we know for sure;

  • The Model Y will be a compact SUV smaller than the Model Xtesla gigafactory
  • Model Y is expected to be launched in 2019
  • Model Y will not be built at the existing Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.  The Battery and Drivetrain will come from the Gigafactory, but the rest of Model Y will be built elsewhere, the exact location has not been revealed.  This is due, incredibly, to lack of space.

Tesla Model 3 - The Most Affordable Tesla Yet

  • Model Y will not use the Model 3 platform as originally thought.  Elon Musk revealed he thought a mistake had been made when the Model X was built on the Model S platform that they didn’t want to repeat this time around.

" I think we made a mistake in trying to derive the Model X from the Model S platform.  It would have been better to design an SUV the way an SUV should be designed ... Otherwise, you would just try to shoehorn something that doesn't make sense." - Elon Musk

  • The electronics will be getting an overhaul.  The Model S and Model X included around 3km of wiring.  This has been reduced to 1.5km in the upcoming Model 3 and is expected to be vastly reduced to just 100m in the Model Y.  12V electronic systems are being replaced by the latest nest generation electronics.

What can we guess about Model Y?

The teaser image of Model Y gives very little away, one thing we can say for sure is that there are no wing mirrors.  Tesla tried to use camera technology in place of wing mirrors on the Model X, but their efforts failed as regulators would not authorise it in most markets.  Could this teaser image reveal they are going to try going wing mirrorless again with the Model Y?

Tesla Masterplan - The Second Installment

Those who follow Elon Musk on Twitter will remember a tweet back in October 2015 which tesla model x falcon wing doorshinted the future use of Falcon Wing Doors as seen in the Model X.  When fans pressed for which model these doors would be appearing on Elon Musk’s reply hinted of the Model 3 and Model Y to be released only one would feature Falcon Wing Doors … we’ve seen the Model 3 and there are no falcon Wing Doors so we feel fairly confident they will appear on the Model Y

Could this be the first Tesla we see with a Solar Panel Roof?  All we know is that Musk has said it would be an expensive thing to includes and that a solar panel roof would create more energy than it used for tasks such as defrosting.

The Tesla Model X at Goodwood

We can guess the range will be somewhere in the region 250 miles to make sure it remains competitive and the price is expected to be in between the £27,500 Model 3 and £75,000 Model X.

We can expect the Model Y to be fully autonomous.  Tesla are already known for their semi autonomous driving system called Autopilot, but Elon Musk has revealed they have a new hardware that allows for fully autonomous driving.  The complete self-driving system is tesla logothought to cost around $8,000 at the point of purchase.  The only thing stopping customers from taking advantage of this new technology are regulatory approvals which vary due to geographical location - so it is entirely possible that if validation has been obtained the Model Y could be fully autonomous on our roads.

Will the Model Y have Head-Up-Display?  Tesla are behind with offering this way to view information for drivers as most luxury brands already do and have done for quite some time.  Could the Model Y be the car that brings driver display in line with the other manufacturers? 

Will Tesla be able to make enough, quickly enough?

Tesla as a company is now 14 years old, a young company in the motor industry.  They have come up against problems with producing vehicles in high volume.  During 2016 Tesla produced 84,000 cars, which when compared to the likes of Toyota or Volkswagens 10 million is a relatively small amount.

The More Affordable Version of the Tesla Model S Available Now! 

The Model X wound up being a year late.  Elon Musk says they have learned lessons from this.  He believes the range of options were too vast and the Model X was filled with too many cool features that in reality should have been rolled out over time to speed production up.  The Model 3 is expected to have only a few options when the configurator is made available, limited to simple choices such as colour and size of wheels to make sure production is speedy. 

Even so, the demand for the Model 3 has been so great Musk has said if you were to order your Model 3 now the earliest you would see it would be late 2018.  We expect choices on the Model Y is be similarly limited.  So, if you are interested in the Model Y I would pre-order as soon as possible if you want to see your car before the end of this decade because Elon Musk has said he expects demand for the Model Y to outsrtip that seen for the Model 3.  

Will you be reserving your Model Y?

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