Rivervale form partnership with Electric Brighton

Rivervale form partnership with Electric Brighton

Sales of EVs have boomed across Europe this year, as more people decide to make a greener choice for their next vehicle.

Switching to an Electric Vehicle can be a bit daunting at first - as with anything new, there are questions to be asked and for many people, the first question will be - Where am I going to charge the car?
For those with a driveway, the answer is simple: charge your car at home, and every morning it's fully charged and ready to roll. But for those people without off-street parking, they need a plan. When not working from home, many people may choose to charge their vehicles at work - and the Government's Workplace Charging Scheme will even help pay for a charge point. Another option for some is to charge at friend or family house - anywhere their vehicle may reguarly be. And then, there are the public charge points. The UK's leading charge point mapping tool, Zap-Map, notes that there now are over 12,600 locations nationally, with new locations added every week.
Brighton's own public charging network has seen a huge increase this year. Brighton & Hove Council have installed massive 200 lamp-post chargers around the city - these slow chargers are ideal for residents to charge their cars from overnight. Plus, there's 22 fast charging locations being installed at the moment and in January, four new Rapid Charging locations are being added which will allow charging for both the public and electric taxis. These improvements in charging infrastructure are a real help for anyone looking to get an EV.
It's a journey of change that local project Electric Brighton have been helping along the way, with their website and Hug the Plug campaign. Since 2017, their campaign has been mapping demand for electric vehicles across the city. Anyone who owns, or is thinking about getting an EV can add themselves to their map of demand. Over 370 people have added themselves to the map so far, which has helped to show the Council, and others, which areas of the city could benefit from new charging points the most.

For a comprehensive map of charging locations in Brighton & Hove, FAQs and local EV news, check out electricbrighton.com.


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