Smart forfour Review: My Report on the Smart forfour!

Smart forfour Review: My Report on the Smart forfour!

So this week a Smart forfour turned up at Rivervale Car Leasing and I was eager to see just how smart you would be to lease a smart car? So enjoy my report on the Smart forfour and find out how many Rivervale Leasing employees I managed to squeeze in ……….

Features of the Smart forfour I would grade an A+

  • Firstly, the Smart forfour looks very cute, I love being greeted by the wide smiling grill – everyone should start their day with a smile!

Blog / smart forfour front smile

  • The bold design of the two-tone paintwork create an eye catching and different look to most other cars on the road. The Smart forfour I was driving came in Cadmium Red and Black but there are many combinations to choose from to personalise your Smart forfour with Cool Silver, White, Graphite Grey, Yellow, Hazel Brown, Midnight Blue and my favourite Lava Orange!!
Blog / smart forfour back Blog / smart forfour side
  • Inside the bi-colour idea continues and creates a modern striking look. Inside my Smart forfour white and black were contrasted, but you can choose your own colour theme inside. The seats had integrated headrests, were heated and very comfortable, certainly in the front you do not feel squashed in.
Blog / smart forfour front seats
  • Optional parking aid and rear view camera are available …….. although parking and manoeuvring is a breeze in this little smarty with a tiny turning circle of 8.65 and a length of just 3.49 a joy for those of us who seems to spend a bit longer than others doing the parking space wiggle!
  • The 3 spoke steering wheel offers more than just steering you can operate cruise control, radio volume and the trip computer.
Blog / smart forfour steering wheel
  • Climate control and USB points can be found on the central console or you can connect via Bluetooth and of course it’s smart to keep your hand on the wheel so there is a helpful hands free system.
  • The space in the back was limited, however I did like the central armrest that provided passengers with cup holders.
  • The back seat cushions also fold down so if you need a little extra space which Smart have called readyspace seats, cushions can be moved into the foot well to allow transportation of larger items. Great for when you really believe that chest of drawers will fit in the car!
Blog / smart for four back seats Blog / smart forfour back seats down
  • An elevated seated position are a real love for me, being that bit taller you can see over a few cars and a bit further leaving you feeling more prepared for what’s ahead.
  • I was surprised by how nippy the Smart forfour felt even though I know you are crawling from 0-62 mph in a looooong 15.9 seconds!
  • A massive A+ for me was the fuel economy, you can achieve a massive 67.3 mpg so really the Smart forfour is ideal for those who want to reduce fuel costs and want to do their bit for the environment.

Now in every report there are always the dreaded ……must try harder …….here’s where I think the Smart forfour could use a little extra effort……..

  • No foot rest near the clutch. It’s a little thing but it always irritates me when it’s missing, should I put my foot down or keep it hovering?
  • Tiny glovebox – there are a few other hidey holes around the car but only the glovebox is lockable. Any larger than a purse and you’ve no hope.
  • Steering – felt very loose to me, Smart are using the speed sensitive direct steer system which reduced steering effort required at low speeds and so increases at higher speeds. I would of liked to feel a bit more resistance.
  • Panoramic roof? I just don’t get these ……. Why have all that glass and not be able to open it …….. Is this not now just a greenhouse on wheels?
  • The car feels really light, I mean really light I knew I was protected by multiple airbags, crosswind assist, forward collision warning, the heart of the car the Tridion Safety Cell and a 4* NCAP safety rating but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I really didn’t fancy my chances in a bump.
  • Finally, the Smart car obviously has a low opinion of its drivers ……… I was a little offended by this message……..

Blog / smart forfour remove key


I couldn’t help but wonder how many people you could fit in a Smart Car? I know the record stands at 19 in the original smart car ……….. Could we get anywhere close in the Smart forfour? After a few stretches and a lot of persuasion the Rivervale Leasing team gave it a go ……..

So there it is report complete! How smart is the Smart forfour? On a scale of GCSE to PHD I would place the Smart forfour at Master’s Degree Leve !

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