The Ford Tourneo - Rivervale Review

The Ford Tourneo - Rivervale Review

Renowned as one of the most respected, trusted and best selling vehicle brands in the UK, look no further for your next minibus than the Ford Tourneo.

Equipped with a range of features to ensure reliability and safety, with plenty of capacity for passengers and luggage space, this people carrier stands out, promising ease and comfort for any journey. Plus, as a Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (PHEV), it offers the economic and environmental benefits that we’re all chasing. Let’s look at it in a little more detail.

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The perks of plug-in hybrids

Plug-in hybrids are popular at the moment, and it’s easy to see why.

As the name suggests, these vehicles are powered by electrical charging as well as the typical combustion engine. The Ford Tourneo is powered by both an advanced electric powertrain, as well as a 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine, so it’s a more cost-efficient way to travel due to its reduced fuel consumption.

Ford Tourneo Custom Charging

Shorter distances can be travelled using only electrical power - meaning a journey with absolutely no emissions. Meanwhile, on longer trips, the engine will kick in, so that there is no limit to the miles you can travel, and the combination of both power sources still results in fewer emissions and a certain environmental benefit. There are four driving modes to choose from which can easily be switched for maximum efficiency.

In terms of charging, it can easily be plugged into external electrical sources to charge its batteries, and can be charged by 240v domestic mains or by type 2 charging points, commonly found at many public charging stations, proving efficiency and convenience for drivers.

Tech and safety

The Ford Tourneo is kitted out with a range of technical features to improve your journeys, making life far easier for drivers, and ensuring the safety of passengers.

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Some of these features include Intelligent Speed Assist, Active Park Assist and a Blind Spot Information System which identifies vehicles in your blind spot for yours and their safety. Adaptive Cruise Control helps create a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front, while Hill Start Assist maintains the handbrake for 3-4 seconds on hills, giving you more time to control. The rear view camera displays a video feed from the rear of the car allowing drivers to detect obstacles with ease.

Capacity and comfort

The Ford Tourneo has space to carry eight passengers as well as allowing room for luggage, so it’s perfect for whatever journey you need to make. Flexible rear seats mean that more space can be made for additional luggage that needs to be loaded, or it has reversible seats to allow for a more inclusive seating arrangement. With plenty of space, your passengers can enjoy ample leg room no matter how many are on board.

All upholstery is made from premium fabrics - so you can travel in style!

Ford Tourneo Boot

The final verdict

The Ford Tourneo is everything you’d look for in a minibus - spacious, safe, and fit for purpose. When you add in the perks of its tech features, and reduced fuel consumption to save you some pennies and travel with fewer emissions, it proves itself the perfect choice for drivers - and passengers - with a whole range of requirements.

Ford Tourneo Leasing prices start from TBA

So, if you’re interested in leasing the Ford Tourneo, take a look at our various deals, find out more about leasing minibuses from Rivervale, or get in touch on 01273 433480. Alternatively, request a callback at a time that suits your schedule.

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