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Transferring a Personalised Registration Plate

Transferring a Personalised Registration Plate

If you have a personalised plate the chances are if you are selling your car you will definitely want to keep your cherished plate for your new car.  Don’t panic there are no endless forms to fill in!  There are 2 ways you can transfer your personalised number plate.

  1. For the internet able

To complete your number plate transfer over the internet you will need to have the V5/Log Book of the vehicle the number plate is currently on and the V5 document of the vehicle you would like the number plate to be transferred to.

You will firstly need to take the registration number off the current vehicle.  To do this you will need to enter the 11 digit reference number from the front of the V5.  You will also need to have a valid debit or credit card to pay the £80.00 fee online

After this process is complete your retention certificate will be produced online.  It will contain a retention reference number for your personalised number plate, as well as the registration number the car will now need to display.  In most cases this will be the number plate the vehicle was originally registered with, but not always so make sure you check!

You can then put the personalised number plate on your new vehicle online.  To do this you will need the V5 document and the retention reference number you received earlier.

You will then receive both a new V5 for the vehicle you have taken your personalised plate off with its new registration number details, as well as a V5 for the vehicle you have now put your personalised plate on.

  1. For those who prefer paper

To transfer a personalised number plate between cars the paper way you will need the V5 document of the car the personalised number plate is on and the vehicle you would like it transferred to.  You will also need a V317 form and a cheque for £80.00.  The V317 form can be collected from a post office or printed out online.

You simply fill in the details of which car the number plate is on (section 2) and which one you would like it transferred to (section 3).  Once your V317 form is completed take copies for your own reference then send your completed V317 form, both V5 documents and your £80.00 cheque to;

DVLA Personalised Registrations,


SA99 1DS

You will then receive 2 new V5 documents one for the car your personalised plate was on with its new registration details and the new V5 for the vehicle your personalised plates are now on … Simple!!

Remember – keep your number plates on their original cars until you receive your new V5 documents after the transfer.  Only then can you put your personalised number plate on your new car.

There are a few conditions involved when transferring a number plate;

  • Both vehicles must be registered with the DVLA
  • Both vehicles must be available for inspection if the DVLA feel this is necessary
  • Both vehicles must be of the type that require an MOT certificate or a HGV test certificate
  • Both vehicles must current road tax or be SORN'd

You cannot transfer a registration number if

  • The registration number begins with a Q or NIQ for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland
  • By transferring the registration plate it will make the recipient vehicle appear younger

There is an even simpler way to complete your number plate transfer … if you purchase a vehicle from our used approved vehicle range or lease your next vehicle from us, our admin angels will happily complete your transfer for you! 




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22 January 2016
Written by Natalie Faughy
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