Are You Missing Driving?

Are You Missing Driving?

Rivervale Ambassador Jack Hayes known on the airwaves as 'Jack The Lad' takes us through life in lockdown and why he misses driving so much.

I think it is fair to say that when it became apparent we were all going to be locked down due to the times we find ourselves in right now a natural thing to do was think and worry about the people and pieces of our day to day life we were going miss the most.

Obviously for us all there are the two obvious standouts with those being our friends and family (that being said I know a handful of people that haven't seen their other half for 6 weeks or so now and are having the time of their lives!) however alongside the ones we love there are many other things that have been taken away that we are all struggling not having in our lives.

For some it's football, God I miss the football. For some it is the pub, God I miss the pub and for others it is a trip to the hairdressers or a daily visit to their gym, both things I never use frankly. However I am sure many of you reading this may have the odd part of your life that you are not using, seeing or taking part in that you are quite surprised to be missing and I am one of them, I am genuinely really missing my car!!!

Now don't get me wrong I am not what you would call a " car person " necessarily. I have never changed a break pad, never changed a bulb and most certainly never even considered an oil change. The lengths of my own personal car maintenance skills go as far as refilling the screen wash every couple of months a job that makes me feel very manly when I have completed it and rather like an F1 pit mechanic, pathetic I know give me a break I have very soft hands and need to take care of them don't you know!! When I say I miss my car I mean I miss the tranquility of her.

Rivervale Ambassador

My role as an ambassador for Rivervale see's me blessed with having a really lovely car to drive, specifically a CLA Mercedes Estate from the AMG range and when you come from the background I do as a council house boy in south London being able to drive a car like that always seemed a million miles away, an impossible dream if you like and in these times of lockdown, social distancing and only essential journeys I really am missing driving. Now obviously not all car journeys are pleasant ones but I would bet money many of you have made up an excuse before now to get in the car and pop to a shop when the kids or the other half are doing your head in a bit and proceeded to deliberately drive the long way both to and from said shop just to give you a chance to clear your head a little and I miss that. It is the same as when you might tell your other half your tummy is playing up just so you can lock yourself in the en suite for 20 minutes for some peace and quiet when there is nothing wrong with you at all, come on we've all been there haven't we?

When I am in my car on my own that is my time, I choose the music, I choose the air con temperature, I choose the route and yes I choose whether I am going to break wind or not, again WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE AND YOU KNOW IT!! My car is place where I can think, reset my brain and just have half an hour to myself, fortunately in my case in comfort and fortunately also to drive in the beautiful part of Sussex I call home.

I am sure we have all thought about the things we miss over the past few months, the everyday things we should be more grateful for every now and then I know I have, I didn't however think that my car or " Maisy the Merc " as she is known would be as missed as she is. We are all of course looking forward to things returning to normal as soon as possible.

I hope those reading this are safe and well, I hope the ones you love are safe and well and I hope that your car whether it be " Bonnie the beamer " " Jason the Jag " or even " Clio the Clio " offer you the same tranqulity as my little darling does me from time to time.

Stay safe and I will see you on the otherside.



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