10 Cheapest Electric Car Lease UK

10 Cheapest Electric Car Lease UK

Looking to go electric but worried about how much it might cost?

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable electric cars currently out on the market. And with more rolling out every few months, it’s never been easier to find your best value electric car.

We’ve put together a list of some of the cheapest EVs available to lease right now from the popular Renault Zoe to the stylish Mini Electric. Here are ten of the cheapest electric cars to lease from us.

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What is the cheapest electric car lease?

Renault Zoe

Range: up to 190 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in under 2 hours

Lease price: from £357.95 exc. VAT per month

Great for: Family-friendly, city driving

This popular, family-friendly supermini is a comfy and fun drive. Roomy on the inside and compact and stylish on the outside, this little plug-in packs a real punch, especially with its new R110 engine which provides better acceleration. With an updated 52 kWh battery and a refreshed design, it combines the best of both performance and practicality.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, you might want to check out the brand’s quirky Twizy. This eye-catching quadricycle is currently the cheapest electric car in the UK and sure to turn some heads on the road.

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SEAT e-Mii

Range: approx. 135 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in an hour

Lease price: from TBA

Great for: Economy, city driving

Cut from the same cloth as the Skoda E CITiGO, the e-Mii is the electric version of the combustion-engined Mii. Along with its new electric motor, this city car boasts shiny new alloys, a redesigned dash, as well as some lux leather-trims, ambient lighting and smartphone connectivity. The effect is a model that feels slightly more elevated all round than its predecessor.

Vauxhall Corsa-E

Range: approx. 180 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in 30 minutes

Lease price: from TBA

Great for: Economy, first electric car

Nippy, economical and reliable, the Vauxhall’s plug-in version of its popular Corsa model offers a fantastic step into the world of battery-powered vehicles, as far as small electric cars go. With an ample everyday range of 180 miles, solid handling and a comfortable interior, it’s quickly becoming one of the UK favourite EVs. And, with a 100 kW DCrapid-charge capability, it’s easy to maintain.

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Vauxhall Corsa-E

Mini Electric

Range: up to 145 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in 35 minutes

Lease price: from TBA

Great for: Style, city driving

It’s the classic hatchback we all know and love but this time greener. The Mini Electric has lost none of the recognisable style and sophistication the original Mini is known for. With a healthy powertrain (courtesy of the i3S) and strong grip, handling and performance, this is an agile city car that’s exciting to drive.

Honda E

Range: up to 137 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in 25 minutes

Lease price: from £422.21 exc. VAT per month

Great for: Affordability, first electric car

Surprisingly compact and efficient due to its rear-mounted motor, the Honda-E delivers on big car handling, albeit in a smaller, nifty package. Available in 134 bhp and 152 bhp, its great suspension and lots of innovative touches that make it a fine choice for getting a taste of the EV market.

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Honda e

Kia eNiro

Range: approx. 282 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in 45 minutes

Lease price: from TBA

Great for: family-friendly, longer journeys

Now, this is a family car for the electric market. Advanced tech, comfortable driving and an impressive range mean this plug-in is quickly becoming a fast-seller in the EV market. This all-electric car boasts front-wheel drive, regenerative braking, a spacious interior and advanced sound system among other attractive features.


Range: approx. 185 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in 45 minutes

Lease price: from TBA

Great for: family-friendly, longer journeys

As the first release of an entirely new line-up of new battery electric vehicles, the ID.3 is promising high-performance and exceptional design packaged along with all the most cutting-edge tech. This five-door hatchback looks like it will be roughly the size of the Volkswagen e-Golf, so it’s sure to provide lots of space for those long, family car journeys.

Peugeot e-208

Range: approx. 185 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - reaching 80% in 30 minutes

Lease price: from £186.72 exc. VAT per month

Great for: longer journeys, easy-charging

With much of the style of its petrol-powered predecessor, the e-208 is still a Peugeot at heart, just with a few new upgrades. With 185 miles, it's easy to make a whole journey on a full charge while smartphone connectivity adds a touch of practicality for scheduling and maintaining its charge.

Peugeot e-208


Range: up to 188 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - reaching 80% in 35 minutes

Lease price: from TBA

Great for: Style, longer journeys, city driving

While BMW is known for its signature premium build and style, the i3s is surprisingly good value for money. As a pure electric vehicle, it offers an extended range of up to 188 miles and great charging potential. While refined, it's’ also a rather easy-going drive with well weighted controls and a pleasant ambience.

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Hyundai Kona Electric

Range: approx. up to 300 miles

Charging speed: Rapid charging - can reach 80% in an hour

Lease price: from £268.94 exc. VAT per month

Great for: Economy, city driving

The Kona is already a firm favourite in the family hatchback market, so the electric version is a great choice for those after functional innovation and design. From smartphone connectivity to an impressive sound system and an eye-catching exterior, the quality of this plug-in is apparent throughout.

Now you know about some of the cheapest and best-value electric car models on the market, what about how electric car leasing works?

How does electric car leasing work?

Electric car leasing is a straightforward process. Once you've decided on your preferred car, you can request a quote via the website or give us a call on 01273 433 480, and we will provide you an official quote via our online system.

Then, if you are happy with the quote, you can proceed to the next step by clicking 'Apply' on our online system and completing a short application form. We will then pass it on to the underwriting team to run a standard credit check, which takes between 2-5 hours before a response is received.

Assuming all is okay, and the credit check has passed, you will be approved for your chosen lease. At this stage, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date for your vehicle, with the chosen colour, options, and specification. An order form will be available for you to review in our online system. If you are happy with the details, you can submit it back to us, authorising us to secure your chosen vehicle.

Before delivery, you will receive official documentation for your new vehicle by post. These documents need to be signed and returned to us before the vehicle can be delivered.

Following the signing of the documents, we will confirm a date and delivery address with you, and your brand-new vehicle will be delivered.

If you have any questions throughout the process or after delivery of your vehicle, please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.

Why switch to an electric car lease?

Electric car leases come with a range of benefits to both the environment and to your wallet. They are also equipped with the latest in safety and technology.

Is an electric car cheaper to run?

Firstly, as they utilise electricity instead of fossil fuels, they are much cheaper per mile to run. That is also taking into consideration the price of energy increases. We go into depth and crunch some numbers on our blog about rising energy prices. Secondly, they have fewer moving parts. This leads to less wear and tear overall which makes them cheaper to maintain. Also, with a rapidly growing charging infrastructure, you are able to drive and graze with ease. Top up your range in the car park while you do your shopping – how convenient!

Not convinced? We've put together a guide detailing all the benefits of leasing an electric vehicle.

Like any of the models on this list? All of these are available to lease as part of our growing electric & hybrid leasing collection. From market-leading models like the Tesla Model S to fantastic deals on value-for-money models, there’s something for every driver here at Rivervale.

Why Rivervale?

Rivervale is an excellent choice for anyone looking to lease an electric car. We offer a wide range of electric vehicles from different manufacturers and provide expert advice and guidance to help you find the right car for your needs. In addition to the car itself, we offer a unique feature where the cost of a home charger installation can be included in the monthly lease fees of the electric vehicle, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness for our customers. With flexible terms, competitive rates, and comprehensive support, you can lease an electric car with confidence knowing that you are getting a quality vehicle and everything you need to start driving electric.

Just call us on 01273 433480 or request a call back to find your EV with us today.

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