The All-New BMW iX Electric SUV - Rivervale Review

The All-New BMW iX Electric SUV - Rivervale Review

Launching later this year, the all-new BMW iX Electric SUV offers the promise of a 373-mile range and 200kW charging speed.

For the keen adventurer, the iX isn’t a car to be missed. With its revolutionary 5th Generation BMW eDrive technology and fully electric all drive system, the iX is able to deliver powerful acceleration from a standstill and has many brilliant features. Designed with power in mind, there are two outstanding models to choose from: the BMW iX xDrive40 and the BMW iX xDrive50.

Charge the BMW iX on the road with access to over 11,000 charging points in the UK as well as 173,000 across Europe. Or, you can get a home charger installed and charge it in the convenience of your own home.

On first look

The BMW iX Electric SUV has been crafted with pure elegance, accessibility and ease in mind. At a glance, the first thing to catch your eye is its sleek design with aerodynamic touches.

Features with the aerodynamic look include the overall streamline body shape, thin door mirrors, and flush door handles, and the grille has adjustable flaps (which only open when extra cooling air is required).

BMW iX Front Grille

If the car’s range is one of the things that draws you in, the aerodynamic features contribute to up to 40 miles of it, with the help of its lightweight design. Made out of aluminium, thermoplastics, high-strength steel and carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, the iX body’s lightweight exterior helps with the overall smooth feel of the car.

The interior

With a new ride, the exterior may be important, but the comfort on the inside is what matters the most. BMW has stated that the iX was designed from ‘the inside out’ and this is apparent in its many features, including the emphasis on the passenger’s experience - and making it as comfortable as possible.

BMW iX Interior

Inside the iX, with no engine block upfront, the windscreen pillars are further forward than they would be on a similar car frame, which offers up more interior space. There's additional space in the car as part of the centre console, which allows room for cup holders, USB ports and a smartphone tray with inductive charging. Plus, the armrest opens up as another storage space - ideal to put in all your essential bits and bobs.

Volvo are previewing their latest addition to the EV range: a car showcasing the aesthetic cues the Swedish firm are set to follow in the future, both on the exterior and interior. They call it the Concept Recharge: Volvo's Manifesto For An All-Electric Vehicle Future

Another big benefit of the interior is its usability for both the driver and passengers. As a first for BMW using this level of technology, the iX centrepiece is a slim instrument panel that merges both a 14.9-inch curved display screen and a 12.3-inch digital drivers display. The display screens are freestanding and don’t need to be shielded from the sunlight - a bonus for hot days on the road. The accessibility doesn’t end there with most features inside activated via voice control, touchscreen functionality or by using the BMW iDrive control wheel to navigate if that’s more you.

BMW iX iDrive

Entertainment is a priority in the iX for many with its integrated speakers in the front and the rear offering a ‘lounge-style experience.’ The rear seats have integrated head restraints on the outer two seats, USB charging ports, coat hooks and tablet mounts too. Plus, there’s the option to extend the boot, meaning you can pack all your luggage in for a big old road trip.

Out on the road

So how does the iX perform on the road?

The need for speed is put in place with the iX and is powered by the fifth generation of BMW’s ‘eDrive’ electric powertrain. This includes two electric motors in the iX which make the car capable of 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds. The slightly more powerful version of the xDrive50 (compared to the xDrive40 ) variant is even faster, producing the same speed in 4.6 seconds. This variant can also have a larger battery of 100kWH and run up to 373 miles with a single charge. But whichever option of the iX you choose, the promise of speed and ease is inevitable.

BMW iX On The Road



  • Range: 257 - 380 Miles
  • 0-62 MPH: 4.6 - 6.1 Seconds
  • CO2 (G/KM): 0
  • Luggage Capacity: 500 (Seats Up) - 1750 (Seats Down) Litres

BMW iX leasing prices start from £486.60 exc. VAT per month

The verdict

The latest BMW iX Electric SUV is an all-rounder for speed, accessibility, usability and revolutionary technology. It delivers an exciting car choice for adventures with its impressive acceleration and unique design, inside and out.

The generous space, modern aesthetics, top driving performance and long-lasting charging power, gives the iX the next step up in your driving experience. If you’re ready to take the leap into a car designed for speed, the BMW iX is guaranteed to offer you the drive of a lifetime.

The BMW iX definitely faces some stiff competition... With a huge push in the number of electric vehicles being developed and manufactured, we're already seeing some fantastic new additions hitting the EV market. Take the Mustang Mach-E for example, Ford's take on a modern and sleek all-electric SUV.

If you're interested in the BMW iX, or you'd like help finding the best vehicle for your needs, give us a call on 01273 433480. You can also request a callback at a time that fits your schedule.

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