Rivervale and the Ford Kuga at Bright10!

Rivervale and the Ford Kuga at Bright10!

Bright10 is the first ever 10 mile race along Brighton and Hove seafront. It’s a perfect distance for those who want more of a challenge than a 5k or 10k, but just aren’t ready to commit to a half marathon. The first ever Bright10 took place on Sunday 18th October and the Rivervale team were there!

What did the Rivervale team do on the day?

Of course it was going to be something to do with cars!!!! On the day, we had our Logistics Manager Kevin driving the Lead car. We took some time to choose the perfect car for the job. We needed a car slightly higher than the average so it could be seen by all the runners, we needed a car tough enough to face anything on the city roads – there was no way we wanted to hold up the runners! Finally, we needed something that would keep Kev comfortable so he could focus entirely on leading the runners to the finish line. After much debate it was decided the Ford Kuga was the car we needed.

Of course we couldn’t all be in the lead car so the rest of the team handed out hand clappers to help cheer on the runners and goody bags for those who finished the race!

Why was the Ford Kuga the perfect choice?

Firstly, and most importantly for Kev, the Kuga had heated seats! This kept our Logistics Manger toasty and warm on a fresh October day on Brighton sea front! Aside from this the driver’s seat could be adjusted electronically up to 10 different ways, so Kev was sure to find his most comfortable driving position.

With an Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system we were safe in the knowledge any stray pebbles from the beach would not be taking our lead car off course, the Kuga would automatically adapt to any terrain encountered.

Of course we were in a city centre made even busier than usual with thousands of spectators to watch their loved ones run. With people everywhere you looked Active City Stop added an extra layer of security. If anyone mistakenly came in the pathway of the Kuga, it would automatically apply the brakes.

Hands free controls meant Kev could keep in touch with the rest of the Rivervale team to let us know when they would be passing by, so we could all get our cameras ready!!!

What use would a lead car be if it didn’t display the time to the runners? Not much! Everyone wanted to know how long each mile was taking them. Thankfully the well-chosen Kuga comes complete with low profile roof bars so mounting the timing clock took a matter of seconds!

So you can see the Kuga was the perfect Lead Car for the Bright10 runners, but it has many other features to offer that make it the ideal car for everyday use. Active Park Assist, Cruise Control, Speed Limiter, front and rear parking sensors and Sony Navigation all make day to day driving that little bit easier.

Isofix, front seatback folding tables, front and rear reading lights, folding rear centre armrest with storage compartment and cup holders, dual electronic automatic temperature control as well as front overhead lights with theatre style dimming and delay, your journey with definitely be comfortable!

When you combine these features with an impressive maximum of 65.70 mpg, top speed of 121 mph and a 0 – 62 mph time of 10.10 seconds, really the only question left to answer is which colour would you like is Race Red your style? Are you more of a Frozen White? Or would you like to take a chance on Ginger Ale?!?

On the day we have one very brave member of staff …. Our Marketing Manager Bud Ran in Bright10 to raise money for Rockinghorse, Rivervale’s chosen charity. Bud competed his 10 miles in an admirable 1 hr 19 minutes!

On Sunday the 16th October 2016 we hope to have the Rivervale team and another impressive lead car at the next Bright10 event – we hope to see you there!

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