Is Your Driving Knowledge Fact or Myth?

Is  Your Driving Knowledge Fact or Myth?

After we have been on the road for a while, somehow we acquire driving knowledge with no idea where it came from even though we are sure it is true, so is born a driving myth!

At Rivervale we are here to set you straight …..

It’s ok to use your mobile if your vehicle is stationary.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Using your mobile while your vehicle is turned on, whether it is moving or you have been stuck in the same jam for 3 hours is not ok. The only time you can use a mobile whilst in your vehicle is if you are in a safe place to stop and the engine is off. Many drivers think if they are hands-free then all will be well – think again, even with both hands on the wheel you can still be fined for using your phone is the police believe it is distracting you and causing you to drive without due care.

New Punishments For Using A Mobile Phone While Driving From March 1st 2017

The mystery of the single yellow line.

Everybody seems to have a different theory on what the single yellow line means. Some believe you can park there after 6pm, some people think you can never stop there. Well, restrictions on a single yellow line are as follows; you CAN STOP BRIEFLY on a single yellow line to load/unload or drop/pickup passengers, you cannot wait on a single yellow line.

Where the confusion lies is that these restrictions only apply at certain times. Near to the line will be a sign telling you in which hours these restrictions apply, so for example if the sign reads ‘ 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, outside of these hours you can park on the single yellow line.

If I’m pregnant I don’t have to wear a seatbelt.

YOU REALLY DO NEED TO WEAR A SEATBELT! The only times that anybody will not need to wear a seatbelt in normal circumstances is if they are reversing and need to remove there belt to gain a clear view or if they are medically exempt. Only a doctor can declare you are medically exempt from wearing a seatbelt and they will issue you with a ‘Certificate of Exemption from Compulsory Seatbelt Wearing’. This certificate will need to be carried whenever travelling in case police request proof of exemption.

I can get fined for eating a snack while driving

THIS IS POSSIBLE. There is no specific law that means you cannot eat while at the wheel. However, if police believe the act of eating has caused your driving manner to become dangerous you could be found guilty of a careless driving offence. This would see you end up with 3-9 points on your licence that stick around for 4 years.

A careless driving offence could apply to almost anything that means your hands leave the wheel so could include; shaving, applying make-up, sorting hair, brushing teeth, intricate dance moves – the possibilities are endless!

If my vehicle fails its MOT, but the certificate is valid I can still drive it.

THIS IS A MASSIVE NO! As MOT’s can be carried out a month before the current MOT runs out a lot of people believe if they fail an MOT but there is time remaining on their current certificate they can still drive. This is not the case. Any vehicle which has failed its MOT cannot legally be driven. The only times you could drive a vehicle after a failure is to have the defects fixed or to a pre-arranged MOT test appointment.

Rivervale's 10 Pre-MOT Checks

The penalties here are tough to discourage people from taking vehicles onto the road that are in a dangerous condition. You could receive a fine up to £2,500 and 3 points on your licence.

It’s illegal to drive in flip flops or barefoot.

IT IS NOT ILLEGAL, but it’s not recommended. The highway code states what you wear behind the wheel is up to you so long as ‘clothing and footwear do not prevent you from using the controls in the correct manner’.

Flip flops are thought to be particularly hazardous as the pedals can become trapped between the sole of your foot and the shoe. Barefoot is equally as hazardous as you do not exert as much pressure when braking barefoot as you can with shoes on, This could potentially be fatal in circumstances that require an emergency stop.

If I have fully comprehensive insurance I am insured to drive any other vehicle.

NO YOU ARE NOT! Comprehensive insurance does not automatically means you are insured on any other car. This will vary between insurance companies so it is wise to check your insurance certificate. Even if you are insured to drive other vehicles the level of insurance is likely to be limited to third party, which means you will be responsible for any damage you cause which could prove costly.

Speed cameras have a 10% tolerance level.

This really is a motoring favourite. Most drivers believe a speed camera won’t get them if they are only 10% over the speed limit so merrily drive along at 77 on the motorway. This is NOT TRUE speed cameras will register if you are travelling even 1 mph over the speed limit. It is the police who decide whether or not to charge a driver with speeding. Generally police will allow a 10% margin of error for drivers, but this is at their discretion. So now you know lift that right foot a little!

Furry dice = MOT fail

This COULD HAPPEN! But it’s not just the furry dice that are at fault. It is anything that causes an obstruction any wider than 4cm in your field of vision is likely to trigger an MOT failure.

It’s dangerous to use your mobile phone at a petrol station.

This is a long standing believe that if you use your mobile phone at the petrol station you could potentially blow the whole place up. This is NOT TRUE, this belief comes from a time when mobile phones were new and everybody was wary of them. Study after study over the years has shown your mobile will not cause a petrol station explosion. It’s now so ok to use your mobile at a petrol station Shell and Paypal have joined forces and developed a way customers can pay for their petrol by simply scanning a QR code with their mobile!

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