General Election 2017 - Guide to Manifestos For Motorists

General Election 2017 - Guide to Manifestos  For Motorists

The surprise General Election is only days away with voting at a polling station local to you taking place on June 8th. Each party has now set out their manifestos to try and entice you into voting for them. Here is Rivervale's guide to what the three main parties have set out in relation to motoring, from scrapping the Severn Bridge toll to banning the sales of all diesel vehicles.


The Conservative Party want the UK to be the leaders in autonomous and electric vehicle technology so make key promises to realise this goal.

The Conservative Motoring Pledges

  • Every car and van in the UK should be emission free by 2050. Investment to the sum of £600 million will be made by 2020 to reach this target.
  • A programme of support will be made to make it easier for new technologies to be tested in the UK. This will include electric and autonomous technologies. This pledge suggests permission to test autonomous and driverless vehicles on UK roads may by granted.
  • There has already been investment into the Strategic Road Network during Conservative leadership and this would continue to ease traffic including the provision of extra motorway lanes and fixing pinch points.
  • Increased investment would be given to provide more low emission buses.
  • Development of the UK’s 5G network would be supported to cover the majority of the UK by 2027. A 5G network is vital for autonomous cars to work effectively.
  • The Severn Bridge toll would be scrapped

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Labour focus on creating a cleaner and safer environment with investment into public transport and new road safety targets.

Labour Motoring Pledges

  • New road safety targets will be made to reduce deaths on the road to 0.
  • Thousands of buses in the most polluted areas would be updated to make sure these meet Euro 6 standards.
  • The Severn Bridge toll would be scrapped.
  • Put the UK at the forefront of development, manufacture and use of low emission vehicles.
  • Improve the UK’s road the A1 North and A30 were highlighted as essential connections that would need consideration urgently.

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Liberal Democrat

The Liberal Democrats go the furthest in their plans to clean up the UK’s air and reduce pollution caused by the large quantity of vehicles on our roads.

The Liberal Democrat Motoring Pledges

  • A Green Transport Act would be passed and an Air Quality Plan introduced that will include a diesel vehicle scrappage scheme along with a ban on all diesel car and van sales by 2025.
  • The current vehicle taxation system would be reformed to make sure vehicles with the lowest emissions are the most desirable.
  • Current low emission zones would be extended to 10 more towns and cities.
  • Investments would be made to support the manufacture of electric vehicles, helping also to boost jobs and exports.
  • The electric vehicle structure would be developed including universal charging points.
  • All urban private hire vehicles and diesel buses would be required to be ultra-low emission or zero emission vehicles within the next 5 years.
  • New laws would be introduced to commit the UK to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2040.

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