Rivervale's Guide to the Mercedes-Benz X Class

Rivervale's Guide to the Mercedes-Benz X Class

The first ever Mercedes-Benz pick-up truck has arrived here in the UK and we have put it through its paces to see what its all about.

Our Account Manager Kyle took it for an extended test drive and went through the full range and variety of spec to give you an honest look at the debut motor.

Interior and Exterior features of the X Class

The rise of the pick-up truck has been stong, ever since David Beckham was papped cruising around in a Ford F-150 every fella with any excuse to get a one has wanted one. The likes of VW, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi have all been consistent players but Nissan has always seemed to offer an edge and no surprise then that the X Class is heavily built around the Nissan Navara.

In short the X Class has all the cabin features you would expect from a comparative size vehicle in their range such as a GL or GLE but has the Navara shassy bolted on the back to provide the work carriage. Inside is where Mercedes have taken the biscuit with options including, DAB, Bluetooth, 7-inch display screen and the new rotary control dial that includes touch sensitivity control. Theres also an 8 speaker stereo system to drown out any noise from people actually doing work on site.

The comfort level inside the cab is as mentioned before second to none and the only real down side is that you will be kicking yourself if you get the seats and interior dirty during your working day as you would be more than comfortbale using the X class to get around over the weekend.

The exterior options start with basic 17 inch steel wheels but the top specs have 18 inch alloys with colour coded bumpers and all the usual styling frills to keep you happy. The load space is actually more than offerd by the Navara and the maximum 1.14 tonne pay load is impressive.


There are the following models available:

X 220 d and X 250 d in Pure and Progressive trims,

X 250 d and X 350 d are offered in Power spec.

The diesels are four-cylinder with selectable two or four wheel drive, however the V6 model has a permanent 4WD set-up and a seven-speed auto, this one is the daddy.

Do you drive a pick-up? What's on your wish list for a pick-up?

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