Mapped: What UK Councils Earn from Parking Fines |Rivervale

Mapped: What UK Councils Earn from Parking Fines |Rivervale

Revealed: How Much UK Councils Earn from Parking Tickets Each Day

Whether you’ve left your car on double yellow lines or forgot your permit, getting slapped with a parking fine is a pain for any driver.

If you’re caught committing a parking offence, you’re likely to receive a penalty charge notice (PCN), with some councils charging up to £130 – or more if it goes to court.

But which area is being fined the most? Through Freedom of Information requests, we asked UK councils in the most populated areas for the number of PCNs issued for parking offences, plus the amount of income received.

UK councils collect £5k in parking fines every HOUR

Our research found that UK councils earn £121,994 every 24 hours from parking offence PCNs, on average – that’s a huge £5,083 every single hour.

The statistics show that, in total, UK councils make £45 million per year from parking contraventions from a huge 1.3 million fines dished out.

Top 10 UK councils making the most from parking fines

Islington earns the most from parking offences, making over £1.2k every hour

The Freedom of Information request received from Islington council revealed that the London borough makes the most from parking offences.

Every year, Islington earns £10.8 million through 227,225 parking fines, on average. This equals a huge £29,630 per day, or £1,235 per hour.

Manchester makes £13k per day from parking tickets

Manchester comes in second, as council data reveals that the city makes £4.7 million from 152,222 PCNs, annually. This means Manchester council earns £13,128 every day, or £547 per hour from parking contraventions.

Brighton nets over £4.6 million each year from parking fines

Our research reveals that Brighton & Hove is the third council who receives the most income from PCN parking tickets. The seaside city makes £4.6 million each year from 121,582 fines, on average. That’s equivalent to £12,611 earned per day, or £526 per hour.

Top 10 UK councils issuing the least parking fines per day

Preston earns the least from parking fines at just £131 per day

At the other end of the scale, Preston, Exeter and Allerdale councils dish out the fewest parking fines at only six PCNs per day, or 2,190 a year, on average. Preston receives the least income from parking tickets at just £131 per day.

Exeter and Allerdale follow, both dishing out just six fines a day and making £145 and £147 respectively, as some PCNs have a higher charge than others. This is dependent on a range of factors, such as how quickly the offender pays the fine, or certain councils charging a higher amount than others.

5 steps to follow if you’ve received a PCN parking ticket

If you’re unfortunate enough to be hit with a PCN parking fine, here are the five steps you need to take to take care of your ticket properly.

  1. Don’t ignore a fine. If you’ve committed a parking offence, you should pay the fine. Otherwise, the council can demand payment from you in court.
  1. Sometimes, your fine may be reduced if you pay quickly.
  1. PCNs should be paid within 28 days, otherwise the council will demand you pay the original fine, plus 50% more.
  1. You shouldn’t challenge a council parking ticket unless you have a valid reason, like one advised by Citizens Advice.
  1. Different councils have their own ways of challenging a PCN, so make sure to follow government guidelines.

If you receive a parking fine from a private company, it’s often thought that you don’t need to pay it. However, you should still be very careful, even if your ticket isn’t from a UK council - you can still be taken to court. Don’t ignore a private parking fine and instead deal with it properly.

3 in 5 parking tickets are challenged successfully

Bud Johnston, Group Marketing Manager at Rivervale says,

‘Never overlook a parking fine, whether it’s from a council or a private company.

‘If you feel like your ticket has been issued unfairly, it’s best to go through the proper channels to appeal. Research shows that three in five tickets are challenged successfully, so you could have a chance of overturning an incorrect fine.

‘However, think very carefully about your appeal and whether it’s worth it. Your fine could double or even triple if you take too long to pay. For free guidance, contact Citizens Advice or try forums like PePiPoo to get help with your parking ticket.’

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Rivervale Leasing sent Freedom of Information requests to 30 UK councils in the most populated areas asking for the number of PCNs issued for parking offences, plus the amount of income received.

The information was requested from councils in the most populated areas in the UK. Each council was asked to provide data from Jan 2016 to Sep 2021 to create an average rate of PCNs per day.

Some PCNs have higher penalties than others, which is why one council may receive more income than another for the same number of fines.


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