Parking Paranoia - Do You Suffer?

Parking Paranoia - Do You Suffer?

We are all so eager to get started on our days work we are arriving an hour earlier. Is this because we are all so committed to our jobs? Or are we really keen to impress the boss? This is definitely the case here at Rivervale! ... But it seems not everywhere, we are going to great lengths just to ensure we get a parking space, in the growing problem of ‘parking paranoia’.

Modern technology has taken the stress out of the physical act of parking. We now have sensors surrounding us that merrily beep a warning if we get too close to any other object. We have parking cameras for a clear view of our chosen space and in some cars you can take your hands off the wheel and they will park themselves for you. So parking the car has never been easier, has it? … The problem commuters face now is the pre-work drama of finding a parking space to begin with.

The AA conducted a survey of 10,000 commuters and found a massive 1 in 7 employees are spending 5 extra hours at work without any benefit to themselves. They receive no extra pay or time off in lieu and lose 5 hours of their own time. 15% of employees aim to get to work a full 60 minutes before their contracted start time and why? Simply to secure themselves a parking spot.

Nationwide, 36% of all commuters report worrying about parking. Some areas of the country create more misery than others. London causes the most parking stress with 46% of commuters concerned about the availability of a parking space. In London 24% of commuters arrive at work 1 hour ahead of schedule to ensure they can park. The West Midlands and the North East also have a high percentage of drivers with parking paranoia, in these areas 38% feel parking concerns on the way to work. Commuters in East Anglia are the most content with their parking situation with only a tiny 10% of commuters feeling pressure to turn up at work early to secure a space!

What is the solution to the parking problem? Do we need better public transport and incentive to car share? Or should we be building more high tech car parks similar to the new multi storey car park in Zhengzhou, China

The 90 ft high tower can store 250 cars. Motorists drive their vehicle onto a loading platform. Your car is then transported to an empty space for you using a conveyor belt system. Even if your vehicle is at the top of the car park tower it will only take a maximum of 3 minutes to return it to you.

While we may have to wait a while to see smart parking towers in our cities there are several parking apps to help show where empty bays are over our cities to help take the stress out of your morning commute!

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