Rivervale and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Rivervale are the proud Vehicle Partners to the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT). When Chief Executive Jason Morgan, Bob Bolder and Rob Wood stopped by Rivervale House to collect a new minibus (and lend a hand around the building!) we took the opportunity to ask Jason few quick questions...

What is CACT?

"CACT is a charity which aims to use football and other sports to benefit the wider community by reducing crime and improving health and education. CACT began back in 1992, since then we have grown to involve 100 permanent members of staff and bob bolder at rivervale househave won awards such as the Disability Right Award in 2015 and Football League Community Club of the year in 2016. Our latest impact report shows that for every £1 CACT receives, £6.89 of social value is produced. "

What does CACT do?

"There are many ways CACT is active in the local community and abroad. We may help adults quit smoking, run programmes to raise numeracy and literacy skills or tackle inequality and diversity. We have created the Charlton Upbeats Football team for children and adults with Down’s Syndrome and have used football to break down barriers between children and the police."

Is there a programme CACT has run which was particularly rewarding?

"One programme which stands out was when CACT went to South Africa. We went to an area where crime levels were very high and the relationship between police and local children was very poor. We sent out police officers in football kits and turned them into coaches, this broke down the barriers between the children and the police. It also gave the children something constructive to be doing so eventually the levels of crime in that area reduced significantly."

When did your association with Rivervale begin?

"It was back in 2001 when the name Rivervale first meant something to us. A Brighton player had transferred up to Charlton and had ‘Rivervale’ plastered all over his car! In October of 2001 we had a meeting with Vince Pemberton and have leased our vehicles with him ever since! I can even remember the first car I leased for myself from Vince was a Renault Laguna."bob bolder at rivervale house

Why do you think the relationship between Rivervale and CACT has lasted for so long?

CACT is built on very strong values including; respect, trust, equality and integrity. Rivervale share these values in their own business, which strengthens the ongoing relationship. Additionally, the personal service we receive as customers means we never need to look anywhere else. The Rivervale team will go above and beyond to make sure our vehicle needs are met.

Why do you choose Leasing to provide vehicles at CACT?

We have never purchased vehicles. Vehicle Leasing provides a way for us to control expenditure, removing the need for a large sum of money to be needed in one go and replacing this with fixed monthly payments. These payments also include our servicing costs as we take out maintenance contracts on our vehicles too.

Learn more : The Benefits of Leasing

Vehicle leasing provides a way to improve the safety of our staff by ensuring they have access to the latest safety equipment and with our maintenance contracts we know vehicles are kept to a safe standard. Newer vehicles also generally mean fewer emissions which helps keep our carbon footprint low. This is becoming increasingly important as we are all becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact and the effects of air pollution on our health.

Would you recommend Rivervale?

Yes! Since our decision 16 years ago to begin leasing from Rivervale, we have never wanted to look back!

jason morgan and vince pemberton at rivervale house

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