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Rivervale Goes Green

Rivervale Goes Green

We have recently introduced the practice of eco-friendly recycling bins at Rivervale.

The project was led by our Used Vehicle Administrator Brigette Thomas, who decided that it was time for Rivervale to finally do their part for helping the planet and to encourage people and businesses alike to consider going green.

I sat down with Brigette to talk about all things green and what Rivervale are doing as a business to help the environment. Ismael Soliman reports…

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What motivated you to make Rivervale more eco-friendly?

Brigette answered: I think, like many people, I have become more aware recently of the desperate state of our environment, thanks to programs like Blue Planet II that have showed us just how bad things have become and the urgent need for change. I want to make sure that, as a business, we’re taking responsibility

What was the primary goal of this eco-friendly project?

Brigette answered: To do as much as possible within the workplace to reduce our impact and take advantage of the facilities available to us. We’re very lucky in our area as we have access to good recycling centres. Having an on-site Starbucks, the disposable cups were high on my agenda as they are viewed as ‘difficult’ to recycle because of the mixture of paper cup and plastic lining. It turns out that the company who collect our waste are able to separate the materials and ensure all is recycled and not sent to landfill!

How does Rivervale becoming more eco-friendly help the environment?

Brigette answered: Simply by segregating our waste correctly we will prevent recyclable materials going to landfill. Plastic being one of the biggest issues especially, we can now make sure this is dealt with responsibly and not end up in landfill or the oceans.

What challenges did you face to make this project a reality?

Brigette answered: I had the full support of the management from the outset so really the only challenge was doing the necessary research to see where we could make a difference and put in place the best solutions that fit with our business

What are the main benefits of becoming more eco-friendly?

Brigette answered: First and foremost, we’re protecting our home, the planet, from further damage

How will this influence other businesses to become more eco-friendly?

Brigette answered: I really hope other businesses will be motivated to look at what improvements they might be able to put in place. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised and find it easier than they think!

What tips can you give people who want to go green?

Brigette answered: Look at what you currently put into general waste and get in touch with your local authorities to see what they are able to recycle in your area.

What do you think the future of green will be like?

Brigette answered: Promising I hope! If everyone makes changes now, we still have a chance of reversing the damage that’s been done to our environment.

Every little bit helps and there’s a ton of easy ways that you can help save the animals and the environment! It starts with simply reducing, reusing, recycling any waste materials and together we can help turn this planet around!

Do you think it's important to recycle?

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