The Affordable Online only Electric Car has arrived in the UK

The Affordable Online only Electric Car has arrived in the UK

After a 20 year absence from our streets Indian Car Company Mahindra are releasing a new model in the UK. The Electric e2o is only available online and is cheaper than its main rivals the Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Up and Renault Zoe.

Electric vehicles are enjoying a dramatic increase in sales jumping from 1,082 registrations in 2011 to 9,934 pure electric vehicles registered in 2015. More than ever before car buyers are choosing to go electric and as demand goes up so too does the range of electric vehicles available. Mahindra is the latest company to offer a new model in the UK.

Mahindra want to make zero emissions motoring accessible to more people by creating a low cost electric vehicle. The starting price of their e2o ElectriCity Car will be £12,995, after the Government Grant has been deducted, for the e2o city model. As standard on this model you will get; regenerative braking system, ABS, Keyless push button start, Boost mode, Tyre Pressure Management System, Daytime Running Lights, Fog Lights, Dual Air Bags and a standard charge point.

It will cost an extra £3,000 to get the e2o TechX model which then includes additional features such as the e2o remote App, Revive emergency remote refuelling system, rapid charge point, touchscreen infotainment centre, reversing camera and air conditioning. The smartphone app allows you to remotely control heating or cooling your vehicle, timed charging and searching for nearby charging stations. Including in the app is Trip Planning which helps you calculate how many miles you will be travelling and schedule refuelling stops along the way, making sure you are never left without power no matter how far you are venturing.

Each model will have a total range of 79 miles, the remote refuelling available on the TechX model will give you an extra 8 miles. For standard charging at home a full charge will take 9 hours, rapid charging on the TechX takes only 90 minutes to go from no charge to 95% charged.

The e2o is compact with a tiny turning circle of 3.85m but is tall allowing spacious seating for 4 adults. It measures 3278 mm long, 1575 mm wide and 1570 mm high and is very light with a weight of 1262 kg. The e2o can reach a maximum speed of 63 mph but takes its time to get there covering 0-50 mph in a really unimpressive 18.5 seconds. What is impressive is the cost, based on the average driving miles in the UK of 7900 miles per year, Mahindra has calculated if you charged your vehicle overnight you would be paying only £10 a month!

The e2o is being sold online only to keep costs low and Mahindra promise a new approach to servicing and repairs, they will have a mobile team that will visit you at home or work to carry work out – gone are trips to your local garage!

At £12,995 the e2o is the cheapest 4 seat electric vehicle in the UK, here's how it compares to the best-selling Nissan Leaf and the similarly priced Renault Zoe ....

  e2o ElectriCity Nissan Leaf Renault Zoe
Top Speed (mph) 63 89 84
Range (miles) 79 124 149
Price £12,995 £21,530 £13,945
0-62 mph 0-50 mph 18 seconds 11.5 seconds 13.5 seconds
Seats 4 5 5
Leasing Prices start from   £236.98 per month £261.18 per month

Would the Mihandra e2o ElectiCity Car tempt you to part with petrol or ditch diesel?

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