The Newly Updated Vauxhall Corsa - OnStar and IntelliLink are Added to the Supermini ...

The Newly Updated Vauxhall Corsa - OnStar and IntelliLink are Added to the Supermini ...

Vauxhall have revealed massive tech updates to help their Corsa win the battle of the superminis! Since 2004 the popularity of superminis has been increasing at a phenomenal rate, with a 132% rise in registrations.

Superminis offer drivers a car suitable for family life, with all the benefits of lower runner costs. Competition in the supermini segment is tough, almost all manufacturers offer a supermini model. The best-selling car of 2015 is a supermini – the Ford Fiesta. The Vauxhall Corsa came in a close second, the Volkswagen Polo appeared in 6th place and the Mini just made it into the top 10 best-selling cars this year at number 9.

The Vauxhall Corsa is pulling out all the stops to tempt supermini buyers their way – but will it be enough to snatch away the Fiesta’s best-selling car crown? If you are a technology lover it may well be!

Vauxhall IntelliLInk

Vauxhall have now updated the infotainment system in the Corsa to the new IntelliLink System. This includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and will come as standard on all models except the Sting and StingR. The R4.0 IntelliLink system has a USB and Bluetooth interface capable of audio streaming, viewing videos, photograph and films as well as making hands-free calls. By connecting your smartphone you can use your apps such as Google maps to receive the most up to date map information and real time traffic information. Voice commands can be used to make calls, choose music, as well as sending or listening to text messages or emails.

Also as standard on the SE, Limited, Black Edition, Red Edition and Corsa VXR models will be Vauxhall Onstar. Onstar was originally released in the Astra but will now also be turning the Corsa into a WiFi hotspot providing up to 7 devices with a stable, reliable internet connection.

There are many ways OnStar can help a driver;

  • Vital diagnostics such as tyre pressure, oil level and fuel level can be viewed at any time on your smartphone.
  • Forgotten where you parked? No worries! OnStar can send your cars location to your phone then honk and flash its lights when you are near! You can even lock and unlock your car from your smartphone.
  • You can send a destination straight from your smartphone to your Corsa’s sat nav via OnStar so you can jump in and get on your way.

  • If your vehicle is stolen, all a Vauxhall Onstar advisor needs is your police crime reference number, then GPS technology can confirm the location of your car. The ignition can even be deactivated so it can’t go anywhere until the police get there to recover it.
  • If, on your journey a warning light comes on, push the OnStar service button! Your advisor can assess your car from their office. If you need to get to a mechanic, the location of the nearest Vauxhall garage can be sent directly to your sat nav for you.
  • If you find yourself in an accident, information about the damage to the vehicle will be sent to an OnStar advisor. Your advisor will try to make contact with you, emergency services can be contacted for you and your precise location given.

OnStar is being offered for free during the first year followed by just £79 in the second year. Is this enough to make you consider the Vauxhall Corsa for your next supermini?

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