Weird Car Names Explained!

Weird Car Names Explained!

Some car manufacturers stick to a very simple strategy when naming each model in their range. For instance BMW number their cars from 1 upwards so you know the bigger the number the bigger the car. Others like to be a bit more inventive, leading to car names like the Twingo, or the Fiorino. That left me wondering where the inspiration for these crazy car names comes from. Are they real words or just imagined in the heads of a marketing team?

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley’s first ever SUV is due to be released early next year and has promised to be the world’s most luxurious 4x4, but what does Bentayga mean? Bentley wanted the name Bentayga to reflect that their new SUV will take the Bentley experience to new environments. The name is based on the Roque Bentayga a rugged peak on Gran Canaria, and Taiga, which is a massive area of sub-arctic forest across the Northern Hemisphere.


Volkswagen Scirocco

The Volkswagen Scirocco has been made in its current form from 2008. Scirocco is the name of a hot wind. It seems strange that Volkswagen would want one of their cars to be associated with wind, when that is something we generally tend to avoid talking about, never mind parading around in public! Volkswagen explained the name hot wind reflects their hot new car, as fast and powerful as the desert wind it is named after.

Suzuki Celerio

The Celerio appeared in 2014. At first look the name Celerio looks like something you wouldchop up and put in your salad. So what are Suzuki trying to tell us with the name of this car? That it’s healthy for you? Or that it performs like a vegetable? No neither of these! Celerio in Greek or Latin means Celestial River, so it seems Suzuki are trying to tell us trying the Celerio will be heavenly!

Renault Kadjar

This brand new crossover from Renault does not disappoint in the name department. Kadjar was completely made up by Renault, but with other model names such as Twizy, Twingo and Kangoo we were expecting something inventive! The ‘Kad’ part of the word comes from the word quad, a casual term for a four wheel all-terrain vehicle. The second part of the name ‘jar’ comes from the French word ‘jaillir’ meaning to emerge quickly, to shoot or burst out. So the name Kadjar reflects the agile, sporty nature of Renault’s new model which can cope with any driving conditions.

Porsche Macan

Macan … it sounds like a nut, which wouldn’t surprise me. Porsche has offered the peppery ‘cayenne’ before so why not branch out into other food groups!?! Macan is actually from the Indonesian word for Tiger, so what does that tell us about the car? Porsche were hoping the name would suggest to buyers the power, fascination, dynamics and suppleness which are the core characteristics of the car it shares with a tiger.

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