What is a MiDAS? – Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme Explained

What is a MiDAS? – Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme Explained

What is MiDAS? The Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme

MiDAS is a nationally-recognised scheme designed to improve minibus drivers with and without D1 entitlement, ensuring your safety and experience behind the wheel of a minibus; a distinctly different vehicle to drive than a usual passenger car.

Anyone who drives a minibus, whoever they happen to be transporting, should complete some form of regular training or assessment. The MiDAS qualification issues participants with a certificate when they pass the assessment.

A course for up to 4 candidates, the day-long MiDAS process consists of theory training and a small test in the morning, followed by an afternoon consisting of practical driving, allowing you to undergo training for any improvement areas identified. Please enquire if more than 4 candidates are required.

Why MiDAS certification?

MiDAS has a range of benefits for the minibus driver. As well as instilling driving confidence (and being a single, nationally-recognised certification ensuring your quality of driving), it ensures enhanced passenger safety (as well as comfort), and may provide potential savings in both your insurance and running costs.

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The Day

Because the course accommodates only four participants at maximum, it’s possible for our instructors to shape the day to better cater to the needs of the drivers, and the drivers’ organisations.

Morning session

The morning consists of classroom theory, delivered by your instructor.

Afternoon session

In the afternoon, you’ll undertake individual driving sessions, which can be tailored to fit any problem areas in your driving, and prompt any improvements.

Who can take the MiDAS?

  • You must be over 21 and under 70

  • You must have a full, clean, current driving licence

  • You must have passed your car driving test at least two years previous

  • You must be able to pass a simple eyesight check

Minibus Steering Wheel

Need to Know:

The aim of the MiDAS is to make sure that each candidate successfully completes the training to the highest of levels, to ensure you are a calm, confident and safe minibus driver.

Certificates are awarded at the end of the session, and the MiDAS certificate lasts for four years before it needs to be renewed. MiDAS certification is sometimes requested by your insurers, and it is a qualification that is fully accredited by the CTA (Community Transport Association).

Rivervale Driver Training will come to your venue and the training is carried out in the participant's minibus, but we can supply one if the participant doesn’t have access to one.

The MiDAS is delivered by highly qualified and experienced driver trainers, and practical assessments and training is always included.

We provide the school/organisation with feedback on each driver, and we offer additional training and assessment days for drivers that need additional help.

A minibus walk around check is included so drivers understand the importance of pre-journey vehicle checks

We limit group numbers so that we can be sure the training is effective and impactful.

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Find a MiDAS training day to suit the needs of yourself and your organisation, with Rivervale. Rivervale runs MiDAS training days to make sure you feel confident, capable and well-trained behind the minibus wheel. Ensure you feel like a safe pair of hands in your role as a minibus driver. Get in touch on 01273 433480, or request a callback at a time that suits you.

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