The 2019 Mercedes A Class Saloon

The 2019 Mercedes A Class Saloon

The Mercedes A Class range continues to grow with a new four-door saloon following the arrival of the hatchback. It is a direct competitor to Audi's similarly shaped A3 ...


Which engines are available?

The A-class will be available is available in two different engines: an A200 and A180D. The A200 model will be powered by a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine that makes 161bph and 250nm of torque.

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The A180D, which was co-developed with Renault, will have a 1.4-litre diesel engine that produces 115bph and 260Nm. Both models will also have a seven speed dual clutch transmission.

2019 Mercedes A Class Saloon exterior features

The A-class Saloon follows a similar design to the A-class Hatchback, especially from the front end. The most noticeable difference is from the rear, with Mercedes adding additional boot space, to accommodate the transport of more items. Specially catered to the Chinese market, the A-class will also have bold light clusters with a Y-shaped LED signature and vertical air vents.


As far as dimensions go, the A-class has an overall length of 179.1-inches, a width of 70.70-inches and a height of 56.9-inches. The wheel dimensions are 107.4-inches. On the basis of these figures, it’s definitely not the most largest of cars hence why adding more boot space will go down well with Mercedes-Benz supporters. But don’t be thrown off by its petit size. Afterall, you know what they say: great things come in small packages!

Interior features of the 2019 Mercedes A Class Saloon

Inside, the A Class Saloon looks much like the hatchback with a driver's seat that provides plenty of adjustment, allowing for a more comfortable and better overall driving experience. It is capable of accomodating both taller and smaller driver's.

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 "The Mercedes A-Class Saloon’s interior wouldn’t look out of place in a car costing twice as much " 

— carwow expert, Mat Watson

A range of Safety driver features are also available in the A class, including adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, pre collision monitoring, with the ability to automatically change and adapt its speed in certain weather conditions or for upcoming corners, intersections or roundabouts.

Technology & safety aids

The A-class will be the first vehicle to adopt Mercedes new MBUX infotainment system. It features touch screen capability, with a new touch pad to help the driver interact while driving. The A-class will use AI (artificial intelligence) infotainment systems to make the driving experience more engaging and fun. As a way of preventing drivers from getting distracted by the infotainment system on the road, Mercedes has included different controls on the steering wheel. In addition to AI and the touch screen display, MBUX allows for intelligent voice control. All you have to do is say the phrase “Hey Mercedes”, and 'viola', the system will comply with your command.


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With your voice, you can control a range of features, including the sunglass roof, the temperature of the vehicle, heated seat functionality, the colour of the interior lighting and the interior dome lights. Voice activation undoubtedly makes the driving experience that much better for all drivers; it’s intuitive and very easy for consumers to use.


Pricing for the Mercedes A Class Saloon starts from £27,875 and is available in both diesel and petrol engines. If you would like to discuss A Class Saloon car leasing options with an Account Manager - request a callback today.

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